"Who is the mask?": they reveal the number of participants in Natalia Oreiro’s reality show

as it goes “The Argentine Voice” with the battles, day by day new details of “Who is the mask?”the cycle that will lead Natalia Oreiro at the end of the music contest. In recent days, Telefe confirmed the arrival of the program and mentioned some questions about the format.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chronicle, There are 24 famous participants in the reality show now with title “Who is the mask?” (it’s better), which goes from very lively to uneven and some almost famous.

The truth is that they cannot say “mu”, under a confidentiality agreement -if their name comes out they would be left out-, regarding the game that will lead Natalia Oreiro. So far in the jury-investigator, which is four in total, they have Wanda Nara, Karina the little princess Y Robert Moldavsky. Nicolás Vázquez got offas is known, who is in Europe watching works to bring his new show in the summer of 2023.

Going back to reality, they copy the format of the United States and there will be many eliminations per week. It is for a certain time. It is estimated that the premiere will take place in October, once “Big Brother” is already on the air. In the meantime, Natalia Oreiro prepares for departure “Saint Avoid” on Star+.

Natalia Oreiro will lead “Who is the mask?”.

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