Who is the little boy in 1899 and what happened to him in the Netflix series

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THE Netflix released the new series from the creators of Dark, 1899, which should set as many knots in fans’ heads as acclaimed German sci-fi. One element that left fans baffled is the little boy

The series follows all the characters who want to start a new life in America. Whether they’re running from something from the past or just need to start over, their secrets start to come out as the show progresses.

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All they want to do is reach their destination, but their plans are interrupted when the crew encounters a ship called the Prometheus, which has been reported missing for four months.

Can they continue their journey and leave the ship there, or must they go back to bring it home? That’s what the captain, Eyk Larsen (Andreas Pietschmann), has to decide.

In the premiere episode, Eyk enlists some of the passengers to investigate the Prometheus, hoping to find people on board. But, surprisingly, it’s empty. All except one little boy (Flyn Edwards), who is locked in a closet.

For the rest of the series, the boy’s identity is a mystery, and many people begin to believe that he is the cause of the tragedies to come.

Is the boy in 1899 the devil?

One of the passengers, a Dane named Iben (Maria Erwolter), believes that the mysterious boy is the devil himself because of all the events that occur when they bring him to Kerberos.

That’s just her being paranoid, though. We can safely say that the boy is not the devil. He’s just a human and his name is Elliot. In fact, he is linked to other passengers.

As it turns out, Maura’s memories have been erased, so she’s experiencing everything just like us as viewers.

She discovers that a mysterious man in Kerberos named Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) is actually her husband, and they have a son together, Elliot.

So yes, the little boy they find on Prometheus is Maura and Daniel’s son. She is shocked to discover this and so confused about how she can’t remember. She looks at pictures of the three of them together in Daniel’s memories and says that she doesn’t feel anything.

We learn in the final two episodes of 1899 that, in reality, Elliot was dying of something and Maura was desperate to keep him alive. Because of this, she and Daniel created a simulation so they could be with him in it.

But things went wrong midway through and his brother ended up taking over the simulation and has been controlling the events that we see in the show. Fortunately, Daniel manages to hack into the mainframe and reprogram it, which ends up bringing Maura back to reality in the end.

The year is 2099 and Maura is on a spaceship called Prometheus. Though Elliot is nowhere to be seen, she receives a message from her brother that says “welcome to reality”. That’s where the show ends, leaving us with so many questions about what Maura will do next.

Don’t miss 1899, now available at Netflix.

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