Who is the actress who recorded the soap opera “Hercai” while pregnant?

The soap opera “Hercai: love and revenge”Is a Turkish production that during its first season made the audience vibrate with each of its chapters where love, deception and revenge were intertwined between its protagonists. The production has been one of the world’s favorites and its followers always want to know details of the recordings and their actors. Here’s a very interesting one.

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One of the actresses of the soap opera “Hercai” was pregnant while the Turkish melodrama was being recorded, without it being noticed on camera. Although there came a time, already very close to the birth, in which he had to temporarily abandon production. Do you have any idea who it was?


The actress who was pregnant when the soap opera “Hercai” was recorded is Feride Çetin, who played none other than Reyyan’s mother, Zehra.

Feride Çetin interpretó a la mamá de Reyyan, Zehra (Photo: Feride Çetin/Instagram)

The now 41-year-old woman married a prominent cinematographer and film critic named Murat Özer in October 2019. Two months after her union, she announced her pregnancy and when she was seven months pregnant, the actress communicated on her social networks that she was leaving the series temporarily.

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Her daughter is now two years old, her name is Hayat, who is known through the actress’s social networks, where she has been seen growing up and enjoying beautiful moments.

What does your daughter’s name mean? Hayat means Life in Turkish, a cute name chosen by her mother.


On November 5, 1980 (age 41), in Istanbul, Turkey.


It measures 1 meter 63 centimeters.

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She married 56-year-old Murat Özer in 2019.


He graduated from Istanbul University in Communication, Film, Television and Radio. He completed postgraduate studies at the University of Marmara, within the Institute of Fine Arts, Film and Television.


Feride Çetin started as an actress in 2005 and today is a renowned actress, specializing in Turkish theater, television and cinema. She won a major award for Best Actress in 2006 at the Altin Koza Film Festival for her role as Behiye, one of the two leads in the film “Iki Genç Kiz” (“Two Girls”). That was his first foray into film. From 2005 to date, he has participated in ten productions, including films and soap operas such as “Hercai”.


He has 336 thousand followers on Instagram.


The drama of “Hercai” is centered on Reyyan, granddaughter of the Sadoglu, one of the most powerful families in Midyat, as well as one of the most cruel. As she is not the biological granddaughter of Nasuh, the clan leader, the young woman is constantly mistreated and humiliated at the expense of her cousin Yaren.

However, that doesn’t stop Yaren’s fiancé Miran from falling in love and eventually marrying her. After their wedding night, and after consummating their marriage, Reyyan discovers that Miran only married her to get revenge on her family. In time, the secrets will be revealed as Reyyan and Miran try to appreciate their love despite all obstacles.


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