Who is Sinan Taşkıran, Asya’s new illusion in “Unfaithful”

Since she discovered her husband’s infidelity, Asia She lives a real ordeal, and more so now that Volkan torments her almost daily with wanting to get back with her. The doctor not only has to deal with her ex-partner’s things, but also with her new wife, Derin. All this has not allowed the protagonist of “Unfaithful” to rebuild his life.

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However, things could changeUnfaithful (Original title of the Turkish soap opera). And it is that a new character comes into Asya’s life and could make her forget all her problems. Is about Sinan Taskiran, the man is an old acquaintance of the doctor and comes to her office as a surprise.

In the last chapter of “Unfaithful” Fans of the story saw how Asya’s face changed when she heard Sinan Taşkıran’s name, an expression that spoke volumes about how excited she would be to see this man she knows from the past again. But who is this new character?

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Sinan invites Asya to dinner and invites her to spend a weekend in Istanbul (Photo: Medyapim)


Sinan Taşkıran has come into Asya’s life as a breath of hope, who lives submerged enters his work, his son and Volkan’s lies. The man is an old acquaintance of the doctor and seems ready to win her over.

After arriving by surprise in your consultation, Sinan invites you out to chat about all these years that you haven’t seen. They go out for coffee first. Then they have a week and lastly, they have an amazing weekend wandering around town. Only Sinan Taskiran was able to accomplish all of this upon his return to the city. And Asya is very happy about it.

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Sinan and Asya walking and enjoying a meal in Istanbul (Photo: Medyapim)
Sinan and Asya walking and enjoying a meal in Istanbul (Photo: Medyapim)

Asya and Sinan have romantic moments, chatting and laughing as they walk through the city. At dinner, the man suggests that they go together to spend the weekend in Istanbul. Ali is now in a camp with the school, and she has more freedom to leave. Although at the moment she hesitates, the doctor agrees to the proposal.

However, the illusion ends when Volkan appears. The man has found out that his ex-wife is dating another man and, blinded by jealousy and anger, goes to meet her. When he finds them in the hotel where they are staying, he approaches and claims Asya. Seeing that the architect did not calm down, Taskiran intervenes and asks him to calm down, but receives a blow to the face in response. They both come to blows in the middle of the doctor.

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Yes OK Sinan Taskiran’s story has yet to be told, the development of the same is expected in the next chapters of the Turkish soap opera. Also, many wonder Where do you know Asya from? And how is it that the doctor is so excited about your presence? If you want to know more about the man who has returned the smile to the protagonist, do not miss “Infiel” by Antena 3.

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Sinan Taşkıran has come into Asya's life as a breath of hope (Photo: Medyapim)
Sinan Taşkıran has come into Asya’s life as a breath of hope (Photo: Medyapim)


Cansu Dere is 41 years old. He was born on October 14, 1980, in Ankara. His family are Turkish immigrants from Greece and Bulgaria. He completed his primary and secondary education in Smyrna, where he lived with his family. Later, as mentioned above, he began his higher studies in archeology at the University of Istanbul.

At some point it was said that the actress was actually born in Armenia and not in Turkey. This version was later denied, by Cansu Dere herself, who revealed that she was born in Ankara and that her father of Bulgarian origin, while her mother is from Istanbul.


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