Who is Paul Boukadakis, the new boyfriend of Ana de Armas

After going through the traumatic experience of having such a public and media relationship, like the one he had with Ben Affleck, Anne of Arms He has decided to keep his new partner off camera. Although the actress who gave life to Marilyn Monroe has tried to keep it under wraps, here’s what we know about her boyfriend, Paul Boukadakis.

Previously, the Cuban interpreter assured that the coverage of her relationship with Jennifer Lopez’s now husband was torture and that contributed to the problems that they ended their relationship. In addition, the harassment was so bad that she was forced to leave Los Angeles.

Despite their efforts, at the end of 2021, the photographers were able to capture her kissing a rather handsome man. This would confirm the information from “Page Six”, which was published six months earlier, which claimed that Ana de Armas was dating businessman Paul Boukadakis.

So far, none of those involved have confirmed their relationship, but everything indicates that the decision to keep it private has paid off.

Ana de Armas on vacation on the coast (Photo: Ana de Armas)


Paul Boukadakis was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 9, 1984. In his 38 years of life, has worked in various fieldssuch as the entertainment and technology industries.

He has been involved in short films and miniseries, both as an actor and producer. However, his main earnings come from his technological ventures, as he is the co-founder of the startup “Wheel”, an application that consists of publishing Snapchat-style collaborative stories that was originally called “Ferris”.

Before starting Ferris, I was director of music videos and commercials for about 10 years”, he told the podcast “The App Guy”. “I’m the type of person who thinks that people are capable of doing wonderful things at different times in their lives (…) I think that a lot of the time, when people are comfortable in their work, they are afraid to take risks. They are afraid of losing that comfort. I call it, ‘the Forrest Gump mentality’, in which you can do wonderful things, you just have to try.”.

Boukadakis joined Tinder as vice president of special initiativesgiven that the company acquired its venture in 2017.


Ana de Armas would have met her current boyfriend during the pandemicthrough mutual friends. According to the magazine “”, took advantage of the context to get to know each other more calmlysharing glasses of wine and long talks.

Everything worked out great, they met each other’s families and now they live together in an apartment in new york city.

Ana de Armas does not share photos with him on social networks, which worried his followers when he showed his birthday event. However, heThe actress assured that she was present.

They were all with me: my man, my dogs, Chris (Evans) and the team. I wasn’t home for a romantic dinner, I was on set with my people doing what I love.”, he affirmed referring to the companions of his most recent film, “The Gray Man”.

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