Who is Nicole Cast, Pablo Montero’s new girlfriend

Mexican actor Pablo Montero, recognized for participating in successful soap operas such as “Hug me very strong”, “Between love and hate” and “My heart is yours”, has recently given something to talk about after being seen very affectionate with a woman who is much younger that he. It would be his new girlfriend.

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Montero has just left “La Casa de los Famosos”, a reality show on Telemundo where he was one of the participants. The actor was very stealthy on the show, opting to read the Bible and cook most of the time. Of course, he had some confrontations with Celia Lora and Alicia Machado inside the house.

Although Gisella was very interested in Pablo Montero, he always made it clear that he only cared for her from friends. So the actor did not have any romance on the Telemundo reality show and kept a low profile. After leaving “La Casa de los Famosos”, he has been seen with a young blonde who would be his new partner. Who is it?

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Pablo Montero is an actor recognized for participating in successful soap operas such as “Hug me very strong”, “Between love and hate” and “My heart is yours” (Photo: Pablo Montero / Instagram)


According to the subject matter expert of the show “La Comadrita”, Pablo Montero he is dating a young woman identified as Nicole Cast. It is about a woman who is much younger than the Mexican actor.

Through her Instagram account, Nicole Cast shared photos and videos with Pablo Montero. In the images shared by the young woman we can see the former participant of “La Casa de los Famosos” quite affectionate with his new partner.

Nicole Cast is blonde, has light eyes and looks very pretty. In the images you can see that he is younger than Pablo Montero. It can be seen that there is a lot of trust and complicity between the two.

For more than 80 days that Pablo Montero was in “La Casa de los Famosos” he did not let himself be seen as sensual and preferred a more reserved image.

What also attracted attention is seeing Pablo Montero with his new “mother-in-law” as he posed with her in several images. As expected, Nicole Cast’s publication did not go unnoticed by fans of the show and several reacted on social networks.

On social networks, several users commented on the actor’s new partner and some said that it would be a temporary romance since they do not see much future for him.


During his time at β€œLa Casa de los Famosos”, Pablo Montero was quite close to Alicia Machado so it began to speculate that they would start a courtship. However, it does not happened.

Users recalled that the singer was questioned within the Telemundo reality show about whether he had a partner. On that occasion, Pablo Montero said that he was dating a 21-year-old girl and on another he confessed that he was single.

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