Who is Montserrat Barojas, the nutritionist expelled from “La Academia 2022”

In recent days, the name of Montserrat Barojas has gained strength in social networks, after the presenter Alexander Acha request his expulsion fromThe academy: 20 years” for considering that he was not doing his job well.

As you remember, all the members of the reality show Aztec TV they have been hospitalized or suffered some discomfort related to ailments, dizziness or decompensation, for which the production pointed to the program’s nutritionist as the person responsible.

It all started after Santiagoone of the youngest contestants, fainted as a result of the alleged poor diet he was receiving, so the driver demanded the nutritionist leave.

Following this, it was speculated that Montserrat I would not have studied nutrition, but had followed a career in marketing and was part of the reality show “falling in love”.

Montserrat Barojas married José Luis “the one from Sonora” (Photo: Monserrat La Comadre / Instagram)


Montserrat Barojas is a 33-year-old influencer born in Monterrey who has participated in reality shows such as “The academy” Y “falling in love”.

It was in this last program, from 2019, where he met José Carlos, who did not hesitate to ask him to marry him on screen, which he accepted. Him getting married months later and having a little daughter named Isabela.

Years before, the influencer had been married, but as she commented on the reality show, where she was already appearing as a nutritionist, the monotony ended up ending her marriage.

On her social networks, Montserrat has shared content that shows her as

nutritionist at University of London and the Surgical Tower of the General Hospital.

The husband of Montserrat Barojas

After passing through “falling in love”, the Monterrey native became an influencer together with her husband, whom they call Jose Carlos “the one from Sonora” either “The compadre”. In fact, they both have a YouTube channel called “”, where he shares his day-to-day with his subscribers.

In addition to being an influencer, José Carlos is also a singer, launching some regional Mexican songs that can be heard on Youtube and other platforms.

Nutritionist responds to “The Academy”

For her part, Montserrat did not remain silent and responded to the accusations of Acha and the production of the program about her work.

They didn’t have money to buy them more food… I listened to everything they said about me and obviously I’m not going back! They are saying pure stupidity, that for me this week… By God, it wasn’t even enough for the protein to buy… it was the best week they ate well, because I asked for more almond milk, peanut butter, I have a lot of proof that no, nothing to see”, he defended himself.

You have to have empathy with the students. I don’t come to teach nutrition classes, I explained to them, but I never took food away from them, they have bad brains”, he added.

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