Who is Mateo Sujatovich, the singer who sang the anthem in the National Team match with Patricia Sosa, Lito Vitale and Juan Carlos Baglietto

The last matches of the Argentina Selection they generate great interest, even for those who are not football fans. For this reason, each game of the team that won the Copa América at the Maracana Stadium has a lot of repercussion that is reflected in the rating measurements. This time, the opening was in charge of Patricia Sosa, Lito Vitale, Juan Carlos Baglietto and Mateo Sujatovich, who performed the hymn.

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The appearance of the last mentioned artist caused surprise, since he was among great icons of Argentine popular music. The singer stands out today with his project called “Knowing Russia”, which took him to big stages and the invitation to be part of the meeting of the team he leads Lionel Messi it appears as consecrating.

He is going through a very pleasant professional moment since released his new album a few days ago. Is about “The direction”, the third album of his production after having great success with “Knowing Russia” and “Cabildo and Oath”, its predecessors.

The departure of his new job will be accompanied by a presentation at the Gran Rex Theater with four performances. The particularity of these recitals is that they were rescheduled on more than one occasion due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Finally, you will be able to step on the stage in the last days of November.

In addition to appearing as one of the main figures in local rock today, he has a great history behind him as he inherited a great musical talent. His father is Leo Sujatovich, who served as keyboardist for Spinetta Jade, led by Luis Alberto Spinetta, and produced a number of top-notch artists.

Thanks to his father’s career, he spent much of his childhood and adolescence in Spain. There he could have had a point of contact with Lionel Messi himself, because he tried out at Real Madrid as a soccer player. Anyway, the passage of time showed him that his great passion was music.

Who is Mateo Sujatovich, the singer who played the anthem before Argentina against Brazil

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