Who is Lý Nga, the “Chinese dancer” who sweeps TikTok with his choreographies

In recent days, a character has captured the attention of thousands of users of TikTok for his singular steps. This is Lý Nga, a citizen Chinese who is an expert dancing pop music and other musical genres. The videos of the “Chinese dancer” have been made viral and more than one has wanted to imitate him.

Lý Nga is the name of the TikTok user dancing to pop music in a public square in China, according to . The most popular of his dozens of clips uploaded to the platform, however, is Boney M’s Ma Baker, a worldwide hit from the 1970s. The Asian makes almost perfect movements and makes no expressions.

Although not many details about his life are known, it is clear from the comments of his followers that Lý Nga is a dance teacher who teaches Chinese citizens of different ages. In addition to the choreographies that he performs in the streets, he also shares with the community moments with his family, his talent for singing and gastronomy.

Users ask for more dance steps and do challenges

The elegance of the Chinese citizen when it comes to dancing has captivated thousands of users from different countries on social networks, who praise his classes, his seriousness and ask for more steps.

The videos of the “Chino dancer” accumulate more than 10 million views and, to date, exceeded 361 thousand followers.

“It’s like addictive and super fashion”wrote one user. “He is someone peculiar, unique and unrepeatable”, one user commented.

Several TikTok users, motivated by the choreographies of the “little Chinese dancer”, have decided to do the challenge of the Asian teacher or duets.

What is the story behind the song Ma Backer?

“Ma Baker”, the theme that the “dancing Chinese” has made popular again on TikTok, was performed in 1977 by the disco group Boney M in 1977. According to , the song refers to the legendary criminal of the 1930s Kate “Ma” Barker”, but the lyrics of the song are not true. The melody is adapted from a Tunisian folk song, “Sidi Mansur”.

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