Who is Lucía Sánchez from “The Island of Temptations”

The fourth season of “The island of temptations“Has already started and, therefore,” The debate of temptations “also started. The latter is presented by Sandra Barneda and has collaborators and participants from other editions, who comment on everything or what happens in the villas.

During the first debate, they talked about the party that the protagonists of the new edition of the Spanish reality show of Telecinco where he highlighted the rapprochement between Rosario Cerdán and Suso. This reminded two of the collaborators present, Isaac torres and Marina Garcia, on “The last temptation”.

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Of course, that was not to the liking of Lucia Sanchez, current partner of Catalan. “It was taking time,” he said to the comments of Sandra Barneda, who responded “But what do I do, Lucia? What I do? No comment? Does it bother you that I say this too? ” So who is Isaac’s girlfriend and what did she do before she became a contributor to “The temptations debate”?


Lucia Sanchez, 27, rose to fame after participating in “Island of Temptations 3″ With Manuel. During the program, and after discovering the multiple infidelities of her boyfriend, the young woman from Cádiz decided to end her relationship and start a new life.

Later, she began an affair with Isaac Torres in “The last temptation”. This relationship did not start in the best way, since he was still with Marina, and ended when the Wolf made out with Bela.

However, months later she announced that she decided to give love a second chance and returned with Isaac. After the criticism and other comments, the woman from Cádiz shared on her mtmad channel how her reconciliation was.

We spent the summer fighting and fighting. We only talked to throw things at each other’s heads. One day we met at a night party and we did not even look at each other, each one of us went to one side to sleep. The next day he wrote to me to talk … and from there, and each one of us went home, we started talking and talking … and little by little we returned”, He counted Lucia Sanchez.

He also said that he hopes “that after all this we can have a normal life, go out, travel, work, live …”He also pointed out that, unlike his former Manuel, Isaac “It has not failed him as a person. Although we have not been together, he has not come out to talk about me or invent anything. People are wrong, but (Isaac) is not a bad person”.

Lucía Sánchez and Isaac Torres were collaborators in “The debate of temptations” (Photo: Instagram / Lucía Sánchez)


Lucía Sánchez enjoying a day at the beach (Photo: Instagram / Lucía Sánchez)
Lucía Sánchez enjoying a day at the beach (Photo: Instagram / Lucía Sánchez)
Lucía Sánchez enjoying a vacation in Paris, France (Photo: Instagram / Lucía Sánchez)
Lucía Sánchez enjoying a vacation in Paris, France (Photo: Instagram / Lucía Sánchez)
"Crazy hair, but sometimes that
“Crazy hair, but sometimes that’s what I’m crazy about,” reads the description of the photograph (Photo: Instagram / Lucía Sánchez)

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