Who is Léo Grasset, the French YouTuber accused of rape by several women

The universe of YouTube is once again marred by terrible accusations. This Thursday, June 23, Médiapart published the testimonies of several women who point the finger at Léo Grasset, owner of the DirtyBiology channel, for rape, psychological and sexual violence and toxic behavior. One of the alleged victims notably delivered a chilling story to our colleagues. The latter reports that she would have maintained a relationship “ chaotic “with the YouTubeur in 2015. This one would have exercised a real” hold on her playing with her feelings. It was in July 2016 that the YouTube star would have shown another side of her personality during a somewhat drunken evening. After partying with friends, he would have found the young woman ” around 1:30 a.m. in order to satisfy his desires. ” Angry “, this one would have refused. ” I tell him several times that I don’t want “, she tells Mediapart.

“His hands around his neck”

Far from accepting the refusal of the one our colleagues named Lisa, Léo Grasset would have ” held with her hands around her neck “before the” penetrate [er] with very strong blows “. ” I wanted to scream and there was no sound coming out of my mouth “, she explains before adding that she had not filed a complaint. ” At the time, I think if I file a complaint, my career will be ruined. At best, I’m going to be seen as the girl who was raped. At worst, all the other popular videographers will gang up on me “. According to the young woman, Léo Grasset would have kept silent about this sexual assault. He would, however, have admitted that he had not been correct » and having done « a youthful mistake “.

It was in June 2014 that the young man launched his YouTube channel with his brother Colas. The goal of the duo was then to popularize science. To date, DirtyBiology has over a million subscribers.


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