Who is Jenna Ortega, Tim Burton’s Wednesday

Wednesday we’re in love, we could say, adapting a famous song by the Cure for the occasion. The time has finally come Wednesday (Wednesday in the original): these days you will finally see her on stage, in all 8 episodes of the Tim Burton series, streaming on Netflix, after seeing it camping in posters and trailers in all these months of waiting. She is Jenna Ortega, the protagonist of the series inspired by the world of the Addams Family, which this time focuses on the adventures of the eldest daughter of Morticia and Gomez. Wednesday’s is probably her consecration role, but the American actress has already shown, in various series and films, that she knows her stuff. And, despite her young age, she can already be considered a veteran of the big and small screen. Depending on whether you have children, are a fan of thriller series or horror cinema, you have already seen it somewhere. So let’s go see who Jenna Ortega is on Wednesday of Tim Burton. And, beware, the ideas we are giving you are only a part, because the young actress has done so many things.

Harleys in between

A photo of Jenna Ortega

Born in Coachella Valley, California, in 2002, of Mexican and Puerto Rican parents, Jenna Ortega began acting at the age of nine, and did so by entering the world of entertainment through the front door. She was in fact the starlet of a famous Disney program, Harleys in between, which told the story of a little girl in a family of seven brothers, in which, in fact, she was the one who was in the middle, that is, she was the fourth in order of birth. In what was a classic sitcom, Jenna Ortega already stood out for that clean, fawn-like, and already very expressive face. In short, she looked like an actress older than her age.

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You 2

You 207 Unit 01244R

YOU: a photo from the second season

But Jenna Ortega showed very soon that she was perfectly in a more adult seriality, throwing herself into a more “black” type of story, which has characterized much of her more recent career. Jenna Ortega was a character who left her mark in the second season of You, the Netflix series starring Penn Badgley as a very dangerous stalker, a real psychopath. In You 2, who moved from New York to Los Angeles, Jenna Ortega played Ellie Alves, the neighbor of the protagonist Joe Goldberg. In one of those classic tenements in Downtonwn LA, less affluent Los Angeles, Ellie was one of those little girls who grew up too soon because of her family situation. Her young age meant that she could not be among Joe’s possible victims. And so Ellie, black jeans and Converse on her feet, became a bit Joe’s confidante, a bit conscience. She one of the few people to survive the passage of her …

Wednesday 105 Unit 05238Rc2

Wednesday: The protagonist on the cello in the Netflix series

Scream Queen

Scream 10

Scream: Jenna Ortega as Tara

Jenna’s sense of black was evidently marked. And so the Latin-born actress entered one of the most famous franchises in horror cinema, that of Scream, becoming the protagonist of the fifth film, called, like the first, simply Scream. The story takes place twenty-five years after the famous Woodsboro murders, when a new killer in the mask of Ghostface shows up on the scene. To be targeted is the young Tara Carpenter (the surname is clearly inspired by a master of horror) and to interpret this key character is Jenna Ortega. The story, and the killer’s motive, has to do with Tara’s older sister, Samantha (Melissa Barrera). Jenna Ortega here confirms herself as a perfect Scream Queen, and is very good at immersing herself in the canon of the female heroine of Scream, starting from the first, classic, scene, with the threatening phone call, up to the deductions and the final fight. When Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the historical figures, enter the scene, Jenna Ortega looks good at all, proving to be up to the situation. That of Scream it’s a passing of the baton: in Scream 6, set in New York, Neve Campbell will not be there. But the saga has found a new, perfect, protagonist.

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X – A Sexy Horror Story

XA Sexy Horror Story 5

X – A Sexy Horror Story: Jenna Ortega in a scene from the film

But even more surprising is the Jenna Ortega that we find in the film X – A Sexy Horror Storyan even more decisive horror that takes its inspiration from American horror films of the seventies, such as Do not open that door. The very interesting story is that of a group of boys who go to Texas, to a farm lost in the wheat fields to shoot a porn film in complete tranquillity, at least so they believe. There are the producer, the director, the two main actors, all drawn to perfection according to the stereotypes of that world. And then there’s her, the director’s partner and assistant, Lorraine. And here is Jenna Ortega in a new guise. Lorraine is the character you don’t expect. She is a God-fearing girl, soap and water, shy and reluctant. Jenna Ortega goes through the whole film with that childish face, a pout, a weak tone of voice. She is one of those never flashy girls, with dull and anonymous colored dresses, and always high necks, who don’t seem to concede anything. But beware of her curious eyes. The world of porn will have an unexpected effect on her. And so here she is, finally, uninhibited. Even if the scenes that concern her are still quite chaste compared to the rest of the film.

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Jenna Ortega, an image never sexualized

Wednesday S1 E4 00 17 12 16R

Wednesday: a scene from the Netflix series

This is an aspect that should not be overlooked. Beyond the needs of the role of X – A Sexy Horror Story, the impression, even looking at Wednesday, is that Jenna Ortega’s image is never excessively “sexualized”, like that of other very young actresses, even in parts in which, on the screen, they play the role of very young girls. I certainly deserve her choices. And, in the case of Wednesday, probably also of Tim Burton, capable as usual of making some figures from his films iconic and stylized. The result is this: Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday has a face and expression that is irresistible, for its sagacity and her aplomb. And they are those of a high school student, of a little girl who has just grown up. They suggest this, and nothing else.

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Wednesday: an irresistible grumpiness

Wednesday Jeenna Ortega

Wednesday: A close-up of Jenna Ortega

After all, Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday is an unedited, original Wednesday. She is slimmer, thinner, more filiform than we have seen so far, and has slightly amber skin, the typical colors of a Latin girl, traits of which Jenna Ortega has always been proud. Thus Wednesday she deviates slightly from the pallor that had so far characterized the character. She is striking for her huge hazel eyes, for her red heart-shaped mouth, the only element of color in that black and white which is proudly Wednesday’s trademark. And that mouth, rightly so, never smiles. Thus Jenna Ortega finds herself communicating everything above all with her eyes: glances, imperceptible movements of her face. The “snout” she used to keep on Wednesday becomes a “snout” with Jenna Ortega, however sweet her doe features are. And so Wednesday’s is an irresistible grumpiness. Which in words sounds like an oxymoron. But it is not if we talk about Tim Burton. And Jenna Ortega.

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