Who is Isadora Figueroa, Chayanne’s daughter

Chayanne in one of the most loved and famous Latin artists in the music industry. He has a career spanning more than 30 years in which his successful songs such as “Tiempo de vals”, “Completilmente enamorados”, “Provócame”, “Salomé” and “Torero” have fallen in love with the public. Although his greatest passion is music, the most important things for the Puerto Rican singer are his wife and children.

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The famous singer has been married to the former beauty queen and Venezuelan lawyer Marilisa Maronese since 1992. With her he has two children: Lorenzo Valentino, who was born on August 14, 1997, and Isadora Sofía, who was born on December 10, 2000.

The youngest daughter of Chayanne, Isadora Figueroa, has shown that she inherited her father’s talent and charisma. Through her social networks, the 20-year-old falls in love with her followers with her beautiful voice and her incomparable beauty. She is giving something to talk about since she became a model and singer.

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Chayanne’s youngest daughter, Isadora Figueroa, has shown that she inherited her father’s talent and charisma (Photo: Isadora Figueroa / Instagram)


Isadora Figueroa She is the youngest daughter of Chayanne and the former beauty queen and Venezuelan lawyer Marilisa Maronese. The young woman was born on December 10, 2000 and this year she will turn 21 years old.

At the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020, Isadora Figueroa surprised everyone by letting the artistic vein he inherited from his father emerge. Through her social networks, the young woman made it known that music was also part of her passion by uploading a video singing.

Isadora Figueroa is part of a musical group called “Café con Leche”, with which she has already released her own songs. The young woman has a whole future ahead of her and she is already shining with her own light with her great voice. She has already traveled to perform on different stages with her band.

Chayanne’s youngest daughter has shown her innate talent in previous opportunities and one of them was last August, when she debuted as a singer at the Frost Music Fest 2021. There, the young woman conquered the hearts of thousands of people and praised her voice.


Isadora Figueroa has not only shown that she inherited her father’s talent, but also his charisma. The young woman has a smile that reminds us of the Puerto Rican singer and has a toned figure that she inherited from her mother, the former Venezuelan beauty queen Marilisa Maronese.

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Through her social networks, Isadora Figueroa boasts her beauty that leaves her almost 400 thousand followers stunned, who also do not miss the opportunity to praise the singer.

In her latest post on her Instagram account, she is seen lying face down with a kind of black bikini and a cap that covers her face. She looks radiant and shows her spectacular figure.

In other photographs, we can also see her wearing different outfits. The smile, of course, is never absent on her face, which goes perfectly with her long wavy hair.


At 20, Isadora Figueroa is already an independent young woman. Chayanne’s youngest daughter went to live with her cousin Lele Pons – the singer’s niece – in Miami. They have a very good relationship, even Isadora considers Lele as a sister.

On each occasion, Figueroa takes the opportunity to congratulate Lele Pons and dedicate generous words to him. “Happy birthday to the closest I have as a sister. I love you forever (even before puberty came to us) ”, reads a photograph.


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