Who is Greg Michel, the former “Combat” who is in a coma after an accident

The controversial Belgian model Greg Michel He is going through one of the hardest stages of his existence, after having suffered an accident that has led him to be admitted to a hospital, where he is in a coma.

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According to Sebastián Lizarzaburu, who is one of his best friends, the former reality boy was in his gym in Tarapoto when suddenly “One of the mirrors burst and cut several veins and arteries”, causing him to lose a lot of blood.

While he was being taken to the emergency room, his heart could not stand and they had to place a bypass, so his condition is critical. Now his friends are requesting financial help to be transferred to Lima. Due to the concern that his health has caused, we will tell you who he is and everything you need to know about the former “Combat”.

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The Belgian’s friends are asking for help to transfer him to Lima (Photo: Greg Michel / Instagram)


Greg Michel is a Belgian model who became known in Peru when he was part of the now-defunct “Combate” program. It is in this reality show that he falls in love with one of the participants named Olenka del Águila, with whom he had an affair and a son in 2016, but soon after they ended their relationship.

She was an image and a model of clothing, especially underwear. He is 1.90 cm tall and weighs about 85 kilos. Although he is very good on the catwalks, on the dance floor he is quite the opposite, because when he was presented in “Combate” he did not coordinate his movements very well.

While participating in the ATV competition program, he was denounced by his ex-partner Susan Vega, who accused him of having physically and psychologically assaulted her. “He is a jerk and kept”, Told him. Greg defended himself by saying that she was acting out of spite and that she was very jealous and had already been unfaithful to him.

Although that was not all, since the Belgian model also had two requisitions in the United States for alcohol, drugs and harassment.

The model has been the image of shopping centers and clothing brands (Photo: Greg Michel / Instagram)
The model has been the image of shopping centers and clothing brands (Photo: Greg Michel / Instagram)


Greg Michel quickly became a controversial character, so he was invited in 2019 to the program “The value of truth”, but his participation did not last long since in question 12, of the 21 in total, he lost.

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The question that made him lose everything in the red chair was: “Was your partner unfaithful to Fabio Agostini?”, at first he answered in the negative, but then changed to an affirmative. The polygraph determined his answer to be false.

But before revealed many things such as having leaked a nude photo of him to make himself known, sleeping with Angie Jibaja, having seen Guty Carrera put on a sock in his boxers, being the cupid between Sheyla Rojas and Antonio Pavón and seeing how Sebastián Lizarzaburu cried because Andrea San Martín was unfaithful to him.

He also announced that he flirted with Angie Arizaga while he was with Nicola Porcella, that Claudia Ramírez was unfaithful to George Forsyth with him, that he went out with Fiorella Cayo while he was with Miguel Arce, that Milett Figueroa was hinted at being with a partner and flirting with Flavia Laos being a partner of Patricio Parodi.

Faced with his controversial statements, Flavia Laos, Milett Figueroa, Angie Jibaja and Claudia Ramírez threatened him with taking legal action for having named them in the Beto Ortiz program.

The Belgian likes to pose for the camera lens (Photo: Greg Michel / Instagram)
The Belgian likes to pose for the camera lens (Photo: Greg Michel / Instagram)


The time he asked the Peruvians for forgiveness

In November 2019, Greg Michel came up with the idea of ​​posing totally naked and raising his private part with a hat that had the logo of the Peruvian shield, causing great outrage. Faced with the wave of criticism, he apologized.

“I want to offer a sincere apology to all Peruvians. I uploaded a photo that I thought would be funny, but I did not take into account that it was such a delicate subject for you because it is a cap that has the colors of Peru. I did not do it with any intention of offending or mocking “he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Arrested for failing to pay his child’s pension

When he did not comply with the alimony of his little son, Greg Miche was arrested in Tarapoto. “Let him prepare [a Olenka del Águila] because I’m going to stay in Tarapoto and ask for custody of my son. It is a psychological violence that my son is experiencing because they forbid him to see and speak with his father “, manifested to “Love and fire.”

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