Who is Gaspard Koenig, the new presidential candidate?

It is a new face in the presidential race. This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Gaspard Koenig has formalized his candidacy for the next election to be held in April. “The goal today is to give back freedom, responsibility, autonomy so that people make their decision”, he said as underlined LCI. According to him, no other candidate defends these values ​​to date. To stand out as the writer pointed out on the set of France 2, Gaspard Koenig wants above all “simplify” the life of the French by reducing by “100 the number of standards” and modified this “Bureaucratic prison”.

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The philosopher also wants to get as close as possible to citizens. In 2020, he traveled the Hexagon by finding accommodation almost all “nights” at the house of “The inhabitant”. In the wake of last May, Gaspard Koenig also founded a political movement called “Simple”, carrying his ideas in all simplicity. In 2017 still according to LCI, the presidential candidate voted for Emmanuel Macron. His career is as fascinating as it is intriguing. After embarking on philosophy at the University of Lille, the politician joined the cabinet of Christine Lagarde, who at the time was Nicolas Sarkozy’s Minister of the Economy. The young man is an outstanding ally. In 2012, he tried the legislative elections in the 3rd constituency of the French (Europe – North Editor’s note) from Abroad. Gaspard Koenig fervently defends the Liberal Democratic Party. From the first round, he won 4.4% of the vote.

Ambitious, this ENS Lyon graduate also launched the “Think Tank Génération Libre” in 2013 and ensures “Defend freedoms, all freedoms” and “reinventing liberalism in the 21st century ”. This project inspires the Agir Ensemble group at the National Assembly. Indeed, the idea of ​​a universal income proposal is interesting. In December 2021 after having participated in the Estates General of secularism, Gaspard Koenig signed alongside a hundred members of the majority a platform to fight against the overexposure of children to screens.

Literature is also one of his hobbies, Gaspard Koening was selected for the last edition of the Renaudot Prize in the “Essays” section for “A cheval sur les traces de Montaigne” (The Observatory). His book highlights his travels across the country in 2020. As a reminder, in 2006, he had the honor of being noticed for the Renaudot for the “Novels” category with the book “A Russian kiss” (Grasset ). Two years earlier, Gaspard Koenig had also been selected for the Goncourt Prize with his first novel Octave was twenty years old (Grasset). In 2005, he was rewarded with the Jean Freustié prize with this same book.


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