Who is Elisa Zarzur? Meet the new girlfriend of Alexandre Negrão, ex-husband of Marina Ruy Barbosa

Just like Marina Ruy Barbosa, who took on a new love, the actress’s ex-husband, Alexandre Negrao is also living a ravishing romance! The 36-year-old pilot has already used social media in recent days to declare himself to his new girlfriend, who goes by the name of Elisa Zarzur Maluf and is 22 years old. Alexandre and Marina announced the end of their marriage in January 2021.

The pilot, who entered the Forbes list for being part of one of the richest families in Brazil, even got involved with another Marina, according to news that leaked in the media, but the romance did not go forward.

Born in São Paulo, Elisa is a digital influencer and has more than 176 thousand followers on Instagram. Her first job was for Cartier, a French luxury jewelry store. In her social networks, the young woman talks about fashion, lifestyle and travel. The brunette has already visited several places such as: Miami, Paris, Ibiza, Greece, Bahamas, Chile, Italy, among others.

Elisa Zarzur, Alexandre Negrão’s girlfriend, also works as a model

Elisa is dedicated to her work, but says it’s not as simple as many people think: “Sometimes I spend the whole day recording, whether it’s for the delivery of reels and IGTV, a ‘fashion film’ or even a ‘shooting ‘, those are the most tiring days! Sometimes it’s up to 10 hours of recording straight.”

In love with this universe for many years, she admits that she didn’t think it was so intense. I couldn’t imagine the work behind each photo when I admired other models and influencers in magazines and social networks”, she said in an interview with the website “Lorena”.

After 5 years together, Marina Ruy Barbosa and Alexandre Negrão separate

With the rumors that the couple had separated, an official statement confirmed the end of the marriage. “For them, none of this would be disclosed at this time. But out of respect for the public and the press – which has always followed the couple’s life with affection and support -, they decided to announce that they are separated”, he explains.

“The couple tried to find a way to reverse what they were facing, but Xande and Marina had a conversation and decided that they went their separate ways, that it would be the best for both of them for now. It’s still too early to know what will happen in the future. For now, the two are trying to reorganize themselves intimately and, despite all the love, separately start a new chapter in their lives. We count on everyone’s affection and respect”, says the statement. in lavish ceremony.

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