Who is Dr. Cameron? Meet Virgin River’s New Handsome Doctor

In season 4 of Virgin River, one of the big news is the arrival of Dr. Cameron Hayek – a handsome doctor who rocks Mel and Jack’s relationship. The character’s introduction has been talked about on Netflix. After all, he should play a very important role in the future of the plot.

“Mel starts the season with optimism, even not knowing if her baby’s father is Jack or Mark. Although Jack is friendly and enthusiastic, the paternity doubt gnaws at him. To top it off, the arrival of a hunky doctor makes everything more complicated.” Netflix.

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Starring Alexandra Breckenridge (American Horror Story) and Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy), the series features Annette O’Toole (Smallville), Tim Matheson (Clube dos Crooks) and Zibby Allen (Grey’s Anatomy) in its main cast.

We explain below everything you need to know about the arrival of Dr. Cameron in Virgin River – see where you know your interpreter from.

Dr. Cameron arrives to shake up the Virgin River plot

At the beginning of season 4 of Virgin River, Doc Mullins decides to hire another doctor to help out in the office.

This is how Virgin River fans meet Dr. Cameron Hayek, played by Lebanese-Canadian actor Mark Ghanime.

The character is introduced in the first episode of season 4. While introducing Cameron to Mel, Doc reveals that he went to college with the doctor’s father.

With the look of a heartthrob, the doctor doesn’t take long to get the attention of the women of Virgin River. However, Cameron seems to be interested only in Mel. In the office, the characters live fun moments and create a great connection.

Virgin River’s new doctor also makes Mel reevaluate her relationship with Jack. At the end of the season, the protagonist makes an important decision involving her stay in the city.

To find out what happens, just watch the new episodes of the series on Netflix.

Canadian actor plays Dr. Cameron in Virgin River

As mentioned above, Dr. Cameron Hayek is played by Mark Ghanime, a 44-year-old Lebanese-Canadian actor.

Ghanimé began her artistic career in 2004, with an uncredited role in the film The Pursuit of Freedom, starring Juliette Lewis.

Currently, the actor is best known for his performance as Major Sergio Balleseros in Helix, a science fiction drama aired on Syfy.

Additionally, Mark Ghanimé plays Spanish Prince Don Carlos (pictured above) in the CW’s historical novel Reinado.

Finally, the actor also has small roles in series such as Smallville: The Adventures of Superboy, Supernatural and The Bold Type.

“I am very excited for you to meet Dr. Cameron Hayek and to be a part of this great series, full of wonderful fans.”

The new episodes of Virgin River are now available on Netflix.

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