Who is Aylin Criss, the Peruvian influencer who shines in La Venganza de los Ex VIP

After the great success of Acapulco Shore, MTV He returned to bet on a reality show with a lot of entertainment and chaos. Is about Revenge of the Ex VIPs which has 10 participants, among which is Aylin Criss, a young Peruvian woman who enjoys incredible success in TikTok and in Instagram.

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This show proposes to the participants to meet their ex-partners no less than on their vacations. They do not know which ex will come, but surely it will not be easy to face them. On the other hand, it is VIP because the music chain, on this occasion, opted for young influencers to be the contestants such as Aylin. They are social media personalities very well known to users.

Among the 10 singles who spend their vacations on the paridisiac beaches of Colombia, Aylin Antunez It is one of the ones that stands out the most. It is fun and authentic. It is not for less. The 22-year-old already has experience with the public. In fact, on his TikTok account he owns 14 million followers, where he usually uploads super funny videos with his friends at different times of the day.

Meanwhile, in Revenge of the Ex VIPsAylin is one of the three foreigners who are on the show. The other is Camilo from Colombia and Esteban from Spain, meanwhile the other 7 influencers are from Mexico. For Aylin, participating in this MTV show provides one more opportunity to demonstrate her charisma and talent as a television personality. In fact, she herself has said that she loves being famous and, obviously at her young age, she has already achieved it.

In the presentation of the reality show, the young woman explained why she was on this show: “I come to tell you why I am a VIP. Because I’m a riot, because I love partying and because my mission in life is to get everyone drunk. ”

The program has been on the air for two weeks now and is being a real hit on MTV, as we are used to the channel, if you have not started watching it yet, you have to know that the episodes of the series can be seen on the network all Tuesday and Thursday nights and the next day they are released on the streaming platform, Paramount+.

The adaptation of the British show Ex On The Beach It also has other segments such as I study with my ex, Censored scenes, My ex’s suitcase and My ex’s casting. All can be seen through the social networks of the program.

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