Who is Andrea Escalona’s boyfriend and father of her first child

In 2020, Andrea Escalona He went through one of the most difficult moments of his life due to to the death of his mother, the remembered producer Magda Rodríguezbut two years later she has a reason to wear a smile from ear to ear, because she is pregnant, waiting for her first son or daughter.

The news of the pregnancy of the host of the program “Today” occurred during the morning of Wednesday, June 22, when she herself made known to all viewers this new stage of her life, which she has started hand in hand with her current boyfriend.

That is why in this note we are going to delve a little more into the announcement of Andrea Escalona and also of that man who stole her heart and will become the father of her first baby.

The host of “Hoy” has more than a million followers on social networks (Photo: Andrea Escalona / Instagram)


In the middle of the most recent edition of “Hoy”, all the drivers were surprised with some lollipops that contained a peculiar wrapper, because in it you could read the phrase: “You are going to be an uncle”.

Because it was implied that some of those present would become a father or mother, absolutely everyone got confused and joked about who would be the person who is expecting a baby.

in full jokes, Andrea Escalona She took the floor and shouted that she is pregnant, surprising and making her other colleagues happy, who obviously congratulated her on this new step in her life that will mark a before and after.

Then, a video was broadcast in which the television presenter appears in a medical center undergoing an ultrasound. Also, it was there that she gave some details of her pregnancy.

“I am pregnant, I am 13 weeks. It’s all very beautiful and I still can’t believe it. With you I have shared all my moments, the bad ones, the disappointments and this one, which is the best of my life. I have always wanted to be a mother, I thank God and my mother very much”were some of his words.



The host of the program “Hoy”, Andrea Escalona She is going through the best moment of her life, according to what she has commented on national television and all this next to the person who has stolen her heart and with whom she has been dating for some time.

The heartthrob who will now become the father of Escalona’s first baby is named Marco and there is not much information about him because he is not from the television environment.

Moreover, since it was confirmed that the presenter was in a romantic relationship, the two of them have taken care of her tooth and nail, not letting her become a mediatic and thus live her happiness in strict privacy.

One of the first images of this boy circulated on social networks when Andrea Escalona herself posted a video on her Instagram account with him celebrating the New Year.

Although it is not known about him, it can be seen that he is a very attentive person, since in the ultrasound images he appeared holding Escalona’s hand, making it clear that he will be by his side in this new journey of becoming parents.

He is Marco, Andrea Escalona's boyfriend and father of his first son or daughter (Photo: Today)
He is Marco, Andrea Escalona’s boyfriend and father of his first son or daughter (Photo: Today)


  • Birth name: Andrea Escalona Rodríguez.
  • Date of birth: August 6, 1986.
  • Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Age: 35 years.
  • Occupation: Actress and TV presenter.
  • Mexican nationality.
  • Languages ​​spoken: Spanish and English.



Eduin Caz called Andrea Escalona a “donkey” when he was in an interview for the program “Hoy” with other members of Grupo Firme and this happened when the presenter asked Johnny Caz to show her engagement ring.

The TV host He told her to put their fingers together to pass the hoop as part of a ritual. In the event that the buds separate, Andrea would not marry, according to belief. It was then that her hands parted and everyone burst into laughter. KNOW THE UNLINK HERE.

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