Who is Amaia Aberasturi, the star of Welcome to Eden, and how did she become known?


The Spanish actress went from being unknown to becoming a Netflix figure. So it was that the streaming giant chose her for the series with Belinda and Amaia Salamanca.

Amaia Aberasturi, protagonist of Welcome to Eden.
© NetflixAmaia Aberasturi, protagonist of Welcome to Eden.

A new teen series is stealing all eyes on Netflix. Is about welcome to eden, the Spanish fiction created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. The addition of figures like Belinda to its cast quickly made the show one of the most anticipated of the year, so it didn’t take long to climb the trends. But who caught the attention was an actress little known internationally: Amaia Aberasturi.

A group of young people are invited to an exclusive party on a remote island. so it begins welcome to eden, making it clear that it is a modern story and that it addresses more than current issues. However, the plot changes its tone when little by little they discover that this tempting paradise actually hides dangerous secrets and traps. One of the adolescents who immerses herself in this experience is Zoarole of the little known Spanish actress.

Who exactly is Amaia Aberasturi? Although in Spain she does have recognition, the truth is that her work was not known in Latin America until this series. If you’re wondering how she got to fame, here’s the answer! Born in 1997, in the Basque Country, the 25-year-old performer was attracted to acting from a very young age. It is that, although she was very shy, her work in front of the cameras never cost her too much.

In this sense, with only 13 years, he began to participate in different productions. The first one was the movie Punishers and since then the papers arrived by themselves: The orphans, Vitoria, March 3, Víctor Ros, Tell me how it happened, Hospital Valle Norte Y 45 revolutions. But when in 2020 the world took an unexpected turn, so did Amaia Aberasturi’s career with a character that would change her life.

Her performance as Ana in the film coven, directed by Pablo Agüero, gave her the great leap to fame and propelled her like never before in her career. In 2021, her work on the film earned her nominations for the Goya Awards and the Feroz Awards as Best Leading Actress. The streaming giant did not take long to appear: she was summoned to star welcome to edentoday is a success on Netflix and its second season is already confirmed.

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