Who framed Santa Claus ?: trailer and poster of the comedy by Alessandro Siani

Laughter and twists with the trailer and poster of Who framed Santa Claus ?, a new Christmas comedy by Alessandro Siani.

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Alessandro Siani unleashed in the trailer e poster of his new comedy, Who framed Santa Claus?, which sees him engaged in the dual role of director and interpreter together with Christian De Sica, Diletta Leotta, Angela Finocchiaro.

Who framed Santa Claus ?, in cinemas from December 16 with Vision Distribution sees Wonderfast, the world’s most powerful online delivery company, at the center of the story, which dominates the market all year round except for Christmas. To make Santa Claus fail, the company hires the leader of his elves, convincing him to infiltrate his factory with a new manager: Genny Catalano, known as the “king of packages”. In reality the packages in question are not Christmas gifts but rather the infamous “packages”. Genny, in fact, is a vulgar scammer who lives by expedients assisted by Checco, a little 8-year-old urchin. The arrival of the couple at the North Pole will give rise to a series of troubles but in the end, thanks to the unlikely mutual contamination that arises between Genny and Santa Claus and the unexpected help of the Befana, Christmas magic will be able to triumph.

Alessandro Siani: “In my next film Santa Claus challenges Amazon”

A rather complicated process, that of the new film by Alessandro Siani which long ago revealed the vicissitudes on the set by revealing:

“We shot for four weeks. Then Christian De Sica took Covid. The rest was done in the red and orange zones. We’ll be back on set on January 10 until Valentine’s Day, God (and the virus) willing. I hope. to be released in theaters within the year. The cast will include Angela Finocchiaro, Leigh Gill and Diletta Leotta, a beautiful, intelligent, enthusiastic girl. A nice discovery. “ Leotta in the film will be the niece of Santa Claus.

Finally the film is almost ready and awaits the public at the cinema starting on December 10th.

Poster of Who Framed Santa Claus?

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