Who does Seo Dal Mi stay with in Start Up at the end of the K-Drama?

Romantic dramas are always exciting and charming, Start Up presented us with a story of love and dreams through various perspectives.

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This story was released in 2020 through the t.v and brought together various elements that undoubtedly made our hearts beat as we followed the stories of their characters. During his episodes, the K-Drama It leads us to know the challenges of young people who wish to undertake new projects, which will bring them closer to the dreams they set for their lives.

The road is not easy, there is much to learn and the stumbling blocks appear on more than one occasion, but Start Up It shows us that effort has its rewards.

The drama was starred by Suzy as Seo Dal Mi, Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San and Kim Seon Ho giving life to Han Ji Pyung. His career growth stories are really interesting, but to add points to this drama comes the love triangle that unites them.

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Seo Dal Mi’s boyfriend in Star Up

As the story unfolds we see different ups and downs in their relationships. characters, Han Ji Pyung won the hearts of the public with a noble, supportive, and bright personality, while Do San had charisma and charm on his side, as well as a greater ease in approaching the girl.

While the drama was on air, every week we would see fans on social media supporting one or another boy in the story but, Who is Seo Dal Mi staying with? At the end of Star Up, Nam Do San and Seo Dal Mi make up the couple who emerge triumphant from the story and they even had a wedding that was shown through photos.

Start Up main couple. | Source: Instagram @indokdrama

Han Ji Pyung, the secondary boy from Star Up

Kim Seon Ho’s character was one of the most popular week by week, showing that despite not being part of the main couple at the end of the story he did successfully play his character.

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We saw him laugh, cry, doubt, fall in love and even show a tough facet in the professional field, but beyond the decisions made by each other, in the end the starring team of Star Up continued doing what they were most passionate about and showing their business skills.

If you liked this drama, we invite you to remember several songs from the Start Up OST that you surely remember because they are beautiful.

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