Who decided the dismissal of “Chiquibaby” from Telemundo

The Mexican host Stephanie Himonidis, better known as “Chiqui Baby”, has been one of the main figures of the “hoy Día” program of Telemundobut his work came to an end untimelybecause it was known that she will no longer continue in the show and she was fired from the Latin chain in USA.

She has not been the only one who has suffered this fate in recent days, since the Argentine Quique Usales suffered the same fate, although he fared better because he was separated from the morning program, but he will continue on the US channel as part of of the news team.

The departure of Adamari López’s friend has been a hard blow for her fans, who tuned in to her television space every morning to see her in front of cameras. That is why there is also a great doubt about it because no further details have been given and the only one who has told some things has been herself.

Stephanie Himonidis, better known as Chiquibaby, is a broadcaster, entertainment reporter and television host (Photo: Stephanie Himonidis / Instagram)


In the first instance, the Mexican stated in her grief for being removed from the company where she worked for several years. In addition, she assured that she will stay well thanks to the love she has received from her followers, who expressed her support through comments and messages on social networks.

What was most striking about her initial statements is that she also emphasized that she did not want to be fired from Telemundo and only has to accept the decisions that other people make.

“Although it was not surprising for me, it is still a painful moment to leave one of the companies that gave me a lot for 8 years. I did not want to leave, that is a reality, but sometimes they are decisions made by people outside my power and I have to accept that my cycle is over.”he commented.


In the interview he gave the TV presenter also spoke about the people who made the decision to remove her from the channelrevealing that everything was with the aim of renewing its programming with the aim of capturing a greater amount of audience and thus increasing its income.

In the same way, he assured that, in theory, they were about people who do not see it in their plans.

“It’s actually the same thing they let everybody go for: it’s a morning shakeup. It’s not because of the economy, it’s just the people who are going to run the show in the morning make the decision that we’re not part of the show and they basically restructure and have to fire them. I just think it was someone who didn’t see me on the morning show or any other shows on the network on the entertainment side.”he added.

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