"who can beat us" (M6): the face of Hélène Ségara shocks … humiliated, the singer forced to confess everything about her health problems!

M6 broadcast, this Monday, July 25, Who can beat us, a program that allows the stars of the channel to confront the public on questions of general culture.

Cristina Cordula, Eric Antoine, Marie Portolano, Philippe Etchebest, Mac Lesggy or even Hélène Ségara participated with pleasure.

On the other hand, the famous singer and juror of La France has an incredible talent did not come out without consequences.

Hélène Ségara has indeed been the victim throughout the evening of naughty and violent comments on her physique. “Hélène Ségara is unrecognizable. She abused cosmetic surgery a little too much, I think. Too bad she was so pretty”, “But no Hélène Ségara…full surgery but why did you do that”, “I’m shocked Hélène Segara too much botox, too much surgery his face is frozen”, she could read on Twitter.

Taking hold of her Instagram account, this time, the main interested party replied to all those who accuse her once again of multiplying the interventions on the billiard table of a cosmetic surgeon: “Obviously. And as I expected, the comments about me on social media are gratuitous and mean”, she began, bitterly. And to add: “It’s true, a year of heavy treatment has changed me and given me a lot of complexes. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it, except to fight to keep smiling”, she added. And to conclude: Thank you to those who know and who come to defend me.”

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