Who are the actors who will be in Vikings: Valhalla and what their characters will be like

The passion that a series such as Vikings, which despite being conceived as a miniseries spanned six seasons, made Netflix set his eyes on what might come out of this universe. Originally created for History, in 2013, concluded at the end of 2020 by the hand of Amazon Prime Video. Now, it will be the turn of Vikings: Valhalla, which will be seen sometime in 2022.

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The exact date of the launch of Vikings: Valhalla, but Netflix was in charge of sharing a preview during the broadcast of TUDUM. In addition, some details were released of what this mega production will be for which 24 episodes were ordered that could be distributed between seasons of eight each. A few weeks ago the filming of the second installment concluded.

Who will be part of Vikings: Valhalla

Leif Erikson

Interpreted by Sam Corlett, known for its passage through Sabrina’s hidden world, Leif He will be a native of Greenland who grew up in a family deeply rooted in old pagan beliefs. He will be the central protagonist of the first episodes of the show.

Freydis Eriksdotter

Frida Gustavsson, from The Witcher, will put himself in the skin of this character. It is a sister of Leif with a faith as marked as that of his brother and will become a beacon in Kattegat, when he arrives with his allies.

Harald Sigurdsson

Leo Sutter it will be Harald, one of the last berserkers Vikings who by their presence will manage to be a bridge between the followers of Odin and Christians.

King Canute

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Bradley Freegard You will take on the role of this wise and ruthless Viking leader, who has become the King of Denmark. His ambition will make him a historic star of the 11th century.

Olaf Haraldson

Johannes Haukur Jóhannesson was chosen to play the half brother of Harald. With a great bearing, he will be seen traveling both the Viking way and that of the Old Testament of the Christians.

Emma of Normandy

Laura Berlin you will be the only character with a direct connection to the original series. Will be a descendant of Rollo, of great intelligence and great ability to move in the political arena, in addition to being one of the richest women in Europe.

Count Godwin

Interpreted by David Oakes, will be the chief adviser to the King of England.

Jarl Haakon

Caroline Henderson will incarnate this great pagan warrior who became the leader of Kattegat, where he will rule with a firm hand but opening the way to all the faiths of the world. In addition, she will be the mentor of Freydis.

Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark

Played by the actress of The Walking Dead, Pollyanna McIntosh, will be a key piece in the power games within the political world of northern Europe.

Jarl Kåre

Asbjorn Krogh Nissen It will be this character who is known to be a problem for old pagan beliefs.

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