White Noise: the new trailer for Noah Baumbach’s film coming to Netflix

Netflix has shared the new trailer for the film White Noise, directed by director Noah Baumbach, starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig.

On November 30, after a short theatrical release scheduled in the United States five days earlier, the film will arrive on Netflix screens White Noisepresented at the Venice Film Festival, and the new trailer offers sequences taken from the project based on the novel by Don DeLillo.
In fact, the video shared online shows some of the misadventures that the family faces at the center of the plot after an event that upsets the peaceful existence of an entire community, passing from nervous breakdowns to problems during the journey, without forgetting unexpected encounters and discussions of various genre.

White Noise was written and directed by Noah Baumbach.
The cast includes Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Don Cheadle, Raffey Cassidy, Sam Nivola, May Nivola, Lars Eidinger, Andre Benjamin, and Jodie Turner-Smith.

Netflix has anticipated in the official synopsis:
Terrible and hilarious, poetic and absurd, ordinary and apocalyptic, White Noise chronicles the attempts of a modern American family to deal with the conflicts of everyday life while understanding the universal mysteries of love, death and happiness in a world full of uncertainty. Based on the novel by Don DeLillo.

White Noise, the review: Noah Baumbach looks to the past and tells the present

Between the pages of the book, the life of the protagonist is turned upside down by a lethal cloud, an aerial toxic event which is a concrete expression of the myriad of other omnipresent toxic events within the home: radio transmissions, sirens, microwaves, the incessant voice of the TV. The fear of death that unites Jack and his fourth wife Babette thus becomes an irrepressible force, a ray of black light capable of piercing the wall of “white noise” that surrounds their existence.

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