Which of these incredible Star Wars vehicles is your favourite?


Star Wars is heavily inventive thanks to the inquisitive minds of George Lucas and his team who created these incredible vehicles. Which one is your favorite?

Star Wars
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Star Wars It is the intergalactic franchise par excellence of the Hollywood film industry and one of the elements where it certainly stands out is in the vehicles that make each of its entries a separate show. George Lucas and his team made up of proper names such as John Barry, Norman Reynolds or Ralph McQuarrie are the ones who gave life to these creations that have fascinated us so much.

+ The best Star Wars vehicles

.5. AT-AT

The All Terrain Armored Transport is one of the most terrifying vehicles at the disposal of the Intergalactic Empire. It is shaped like an animal and was seen in action during the Battle of Hoth where Imperial forces used these tanks to attack the rebel base that was hidden in that system. The AT-AT has impregnable armor as well as possessing deadly firepower.

.4. star destroyer

A design that arouses terror throughout the galaxy. This vehicle spearheads the Intergalactic Empire with great firepower while also giving you the unique opportunity to transport troops, ships and more with the intention of taking the war to whatever corner of the universe is needed. The sequence that opens Episode IV gives an idea of ​​the size of these ships but nothing compares to Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer Executor.

.3. TIE fighter

A classic fighter ship from the Intergalactic Empire that is versatile and allows its pilot to take on a variety of Rebel threats. So much so, that there are different models based on the original such as the advanced, the bombers and the interceptor that we could see in the final battle of Return of the Jedi. A design that sparked the imagination of Star Wars lovers.

.2. X-wing

The ship that the Rebel Alliance uses to face the Intergalactic Empire in each of the space combats that these opposing forces collide. It has the ability to open its wings in an X-shape and thus shoot laser beams from the four resulting points. Luke Skywalker used such a vehicle to give the final shot to the mighty Death Star.

.one. Millenium Falcon

The vehicle that Han Solo won from Lando Calrissian in a bet and is the fastest ship in the galaxy although many underestimate it when they first see it. After all, it is a Corellian freighter modified by its owner for smuggling or even transporting people who are being wanted by the Empire like Luke, Obi-Wan and Leia. This transport has the ability to jump at the speed of light as well as being extremely maneuverable to do battle with Tie Fighters.

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