Which Dal Is Good For High Uric Acid Patients Pulses In High Uric Acid

Patients with hyperuricemia need to take special care of their diet.

Increasing uric acid level in the body has become a health problem today, due to which it can lead to gout, joint pain, blood pressure and kidney related diseases. Uric acid is a chemical that is produced by the breakdown of proteins called purines. By the way, this waste product is flushed out of the body after being filtered by the kidneys. But when the kidneys are no longer able to filter uric acid, it starts to accumulate in the blood.

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After this, uric acid breaks down in the form of crystals and collects between the bones, which can lead to the disease of gout. Due to the increase in the level of uric acid in the body, problems like swelling in the ankles, stiffness in the feet while sleeping, swelling on the knees, pain in the feet and joints, and difficulty in getting up and moving continuously. According to health experts, food also affects uric acid. hyperuricemia Patients need to take special care of their diet.

Avoid consumption of these pulses: Patients with uric acid are prohibited from eating certain pulses, as they contain high amounts of purines, due to which the problem of pain and inflammation can increase. Therefore, health experts advise patients of high uric acid to avoid the consumption of lentils, kidney beans, gram and chickpeas etc.

These pulses can: Lentils are a very important source of protein. uric acid patients You can consume moong and tur dal etc.

Patients with uric acid should include plant proteins, dairy products and lean fish in their diet. Apart from this, he can also consume fresh fruits, vegetables and coffee etc. Consuming things rich in vitamin-C can prove beneficial for uric acid patients.

Green Tea in Uric Acid: Green tea is very beneficial for health as compared to normal tea. Because the catechins present in it help in controlling the level of uric acid.

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