Where was Passion of Gavilanes 2 filmed?


Pasión de Gavilanes 2 begins with a crime so that the children of one of the leading couples must go out to prove their innocence. Where was it recorded?

Sparrowhawks Passion 2
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The second season of the series Passion of Hawks came to Netflix and with it we could see how these characters were forced to face new challenges that seek to harm their family. The traumatic crime of a teacher shakes these characters who must go out to prove their innocence as well as putting their loyalty and love for each other at stake.

Many wonder if the hacienda of Sparrowhawks Passion 2 is the same as the original episodes. The place is a restaurant located in Bogotá called El Pórtico and built in the 1960s. Currently this iconic location is also an event and convention center, as well as being, once again, a location for the second round of episodes of the Show.

“It started with a little house. There were cows and there was the portico, the stone arch that my father brought in 1967, from the Plaza de Bolívar. The arch was in the demolition of the house of the Rodríguez Maldonado family. A year later, my mom wanted to start a business”recounted the history of the place Jorge Padilla, one of the sons of the founders of the Hacienda de Passion of Hawks place with activity outside the show.

amazing locations

Sparrowhawks Passion 2 surprise your audience with the locations where the different events of the story take place. Where was it recorded? The answer is Villa de Leyva, a municipality located in the province of Ricaurte in the department of Boyacá. It is located 40 km west of Tunja, the capital of the department, and 165 km from Bogotá, the country’s capital.

This town has an interesting history as well as being the place where it was recorded Sparrowhawks Passion 2, because after its foundation in 1572 under the name of Villa de Santa María de Leyva it was also recognized as a national monument in 1954, Pueblo Patrimonio in 2010, and is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is not a whim to say that the production of this program selected where to carry out the action conscientiously.

The town is characterized by maintaining a colonial architectural style with a wide variety of rural landscapes ranging from the paramo area, with its springs and water reservoirs, to the desert area, in addition to being inhabited by a wide variety of native species. One of the characteristics of the place is its gigantic paved main square that is protected by old constructions of colonial origin.

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