Where was Lady of the Dead filmed?


Of Austrian origin, the European series that came to Netflix is ​​all the rage among lovers of the police genre.

The lady of the dead.
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Some days ago, Netflix launched a new Serie European police which, as usually happens with these titles, soon caught the attention of its subscribers. We talk about The lady of the dead a production whose original title is totenfrau (in German language), which is inspired by the homonymous work by Bernhard Aichner and reached the catalog of the leading platform of streaming last January 5th.

In The lady of the deadthe story revolves around Brunhilde Blum (Anna Maria Muhe), a woman who is widowed in a strange way and that is why she decides to start investigating what happened. She is the owner of a funeral home and her search path will soon uncover a pot that will become impossible to contain. Soon, the secrets behind the small town that lives on skiing will be exposed to everyone.

The lady of the dead It is made up of a total of six chapters whose duration is around 45 minutes and which was originally broadcast on the ORF channel from Austria in November of last year, before Netflix began distributing it globally. Romina Küper, Emilia Pieske, Lilian Rosskopf, Michou Friesz, Felix Klare, Maximilian Kraus, Shenja Lacher, Gerhard Liebmann, Gregor Bloéb and Hans Uwe are the actors who accompany muhe in the cast.

Nicolai Rohde was the director of La dama de los muertos, based on the scripts that Barbara Stepansky, Wolfgang Mueller, Benito Mueller, Mike Majzen and Nicolai Rohde adapted from the novel Aichner of 2014. So far, it has not been confirmed if we will see a second season of this production, which if it goes well could receive the green light for new episodes this time with greater participation of Netflix.

+Where was The Lady of the Dead filmed

Between April and July 2021, Rohde was in charge of this series that was shot entirely on Austrian soil. In case you want to know where, we tell you that the main cities were Ternitz (where the scenes at the school and the police station were shot), Tirol (which was used to use the Venetian cable car valley station), Vienna and Sellrain (which was where a funeral was held in the series).

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