Where was La Viuda de los Jueves filmed, the Argentine film that came to Netflix


La Viuda de los Jueves was one of the premieres of the weekend on Netflix and here we will tell you some details about its production, such as its recording location.

Where was La Viuda de los Jueves filmed, the Argentine film that came to Netflix.
© NetflixWhere was La Viuda de los Jueves filmed, the Argentine film that came to Netflix.

the streaming service Netflix has strengthened its relationship with Argentina and in recent times they have not stopped having original releases from the country, such as The fringe either The kingdom, but they have also chosen an interesting path by acquiring the distribution rights of some content that they already have for more than a decade. This is the case of Thursday’s Widowa film that was added to the catalog recently.

This is the film released in 2009 and directed by Marcelo Pineyro, who also worked on the script with Marcelo Figueras, based on the homonymous novel by Argentine writer Claudia Piñeiro. At the time, it obtained great ratings from national and international critics, to the point of leading the feature film to obtain 14 nominations at the Sur Awards, including best film and director.

Its premise presents a community of “Altos de la Cascada”, a private neighborhood where upper-class families live in 2000. Everything changes when three bodies appear floating in a pool and he is quick to frame it as an accident, but it is the point starting point for some of the marriages that inhabit the place. Tano, Teresa, Ronnie, Mavy, Martín, Lala and Carla are the visible face of a sector of society, at a specific time.

In this 122-minute drama you will be able to see some well-known faces of the Argentine scene, such as Leonardo Sbaraglia, Pablo Echarri, Gloria Carrá, Ana Celentano, Ernesto Alterio and Gabriela Toscano. In its cast you will also find Roberto Antier, Juan Diego Botto, Gabo Correa, Camilo Neck Viale, Adrián Navarro, Vera Spinetta and Juan Viale.

+Where was the Thursday Widow filmed?

As is often the case with these high-budget feature films, there is a co-production between Argentina and Spainso a part of what was seen in the movie was filmed in a hotel in the City of Buenos Aireswhich has not been specified at the time of its start in March 2009. On the other hand, the actors traveled to Europe for a recording set prepared in the Studies of City of Light in Alicantefor three weeks.

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