Where was Bullet Train filmed?

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The film starring Brad Pitt and Joey King was directed by David Leitch, the man responsible for making Dead Pool 2 with Ryan Reynolds.

Brad Pitt, the main figure of the cast.
© IMDbBrad Pitt, the main figure of the cast.

With less positive reviews than expected, Bullet train began its tour in theaters with what was its first stop: the opening weekend (which still has two days left). The production starring Brad Pitt and Joey King aims to close its first four days on the bill with a box office close to 30 million dollars in the United States and the promise of continuing to collect in the rest of the world, mainly in Japan where much of the action takes place.

It is true that the specialized press has not been very kind to this title directed by David Leitchwhich has just over 50% approval in Rotten Tomatoesbut the reality is that if Bullet train don’t ask too much of it is a very enjoyable action movie. The story revolves around a group of criminals who get on a fast train from Japan and must complete their respective missions before it stops, not knowing that they are actually all connected to each other, mainly from a briefcase.

Despite having Japan as one of the markets to which it most points Bullet train, even with graphics written with the symbols that characterize the language of the Asian country, there were only a few fragments that were shot in Japanese territory. The parts in which the greatest technology in the country was reflected were captured in one of the most important shopping centers in Tokyo, Akihabara, also known as the “electronic neighborhood” for the large number of last-generation items that can be obtained.

+The North American city where the Bullet Train was filmed


The rest of the film starring Brad Pitt It was shot mostly in the United States. Where? The city that was used the most to film the production was Los Angeles, from different points that served for Leitch to lead the threads of this fun action movie. Among them, the most important was one of the studies that sony pictures has in the Californian city, which is located in Culver City.

Bullet train he also used other locations to show his story (especially in the sequences that take place outside the train). The two most important points that stand out in Los Angeles that served as the axis of the filming and that you can visit if you are visiting the city were the Barclay Hotel, located on 4th Street in downtown Los Angeles, and in Lancaster, a city that is about an hour from Los Angeles, within the state of California.

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