Where to watch the 2021 AMAs today? Channels that broadcast the award

Many of our favorite artists will be at the AMA awards this year and that is why we cannot miss the great event, do you know on which channel to watch this award?

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The American Music Awards are one of the most important events in music, they take place in USA and they were born in 1973 to compete with the Grammys and seek to recognize the best of music, artists most prominent and popular throughout the year.

This is why among the nominees for the edition of this 2021 we can find large groups and soloists of international stature such as BTS, The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, among many more stars who have managed to stand out within the music industry.

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The scenarios of the AMAS 2021 will be taken by the best artists, the event will feature the presentations of Bangtan and Coldplay, Olivia Rodrigo and Bad Bunny, for example; This is why no one wants to miss this great event and not only celebrate the recognition of their singers favs, but also see them one more time on stage.

The big day has arrived, today will be the gala of the American Music Awards 2021, you already know where to see them? On television or online you can be aware of all the details of this award.

On which television channels to watch the 2021 AMAs?

The chain of TV U.S ABC is in charge of transmitting this award in the country, but to Latin America, will be the channel TNT which will allow us to enjoy the event; This is a pay channel, we cannot find it on open TV.

Here we leave you the guide to TNT channels in some countries with their respective companies of PayTV:

  • Mexico: 610 and 242 from IZZI, 370 and 214 from Dish, 415 and 221 from SKY, 435 and 266 from TotalPlay; 602 or 909 from Axtel, 410 and 211 from MegaCable
  • Argentina: 309 and 310 from Claro, 305 and 356 from Movistar, 502 and 213 from Direct TV and 46, 47 and 306 from Cable Vision
  • Chile: 92 and 133 from Claro, 502 and 213 from Direct TV, 251 and 167 from Telsur and 595 and 596 from Movistar
  • Colombia: 601 and 400 from Movistar, 502 and 213 from Direct TV, 701, 702 and 612 from Claro; 601, 400, 596 and 319 of Movistar.
  • Peru: 502 and 213 from Direct TV, 59 and 71 from Cable Perú, 22, 138, 590, 53 and 150 from Claro, 102, 103, 730, 595 and 596 from Movistar
  • Uruguay: 502 and 213 from Direct TV, 306 and 307 from Cable Vision and 132 and 256 from Montecable
  • Ecuador: 502 and 213 from Direct TV, 324 and 320 from Grupo TV Cable and 140,116, 640 and 616 from Claro
  • Paraguay: 301 and 215 from Claro, 243 from TuVes HD, 301 and 2015 from Tigo and 211 from Personal Flow
Channels to watch the 2021 AMAs | Twitter: @AMAs

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Now you know where to see the AMAs on television, but if you don’t have cable or antenna TV, don’t worry, there are also options to watch them on the internet.

Where to watch the 2021 AMAs online?

On the internet there are various pages that will allow us to see TNT live on internetHere we have some options to see this year’s AMAs on your computer or cell phone, so you can enjoy the award.

So you can see the AMAs on the internet | Twitter: @AMAs

What time do the 2021 AMAs start today?

An hour and a half before the ceremony award of the AMAs will be held Red carpetTake this into account if you want to see it; here we leave you the Schedule in which the transmission of the awards and artists who will take the stages of the AMA 2021.

November 21

  • 07:00 PM: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador
  • 08:00 PM: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Panama
  • 09:00 PM: Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and Puerto Rico
  • 10:00 PM: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay

November 22th

What time to see the 2021 AMAs today? | Twitter: @AMAs

You cannot miss this great event that will reward the best in music and many of our favorite artists, so now you can watch them on your television or online and you have enough time to prepare your snacks and more for this award.

If you still do not know all the nominees for the AMAs, here is the list so you know who could win the awards tonight.

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