Where to watch Argentine cinema for free


For lovers of Argentine cinema, sometimes the catalogs of the best-known streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are not enough.

The Secret in Their Eyes, the last Argentine film to win an Oscar.
© IMDbThe Secret in Their Eyes, the last Argentine film to win an Oscar.

The cinema Argentina is one of the great exponents of Latin America. Worldwide, he has managed to reach different markets from awards in the Goyas and at the Oscars. So far, there have been two films from this South American country that, for example, won statuettes for Best International Film: The official story Y The Secret in Their Eyesjust as there were many others who had to settle for a nomination, being wild tales of Damian Szifron the last to achieve it in 2014.

The platforms of streaming conventional have their space for Argentine national productions, being Netflix one of the best able to position them. You can think of what happened to the series squatters a year ago, which managed to gain even greater relevance than it had in its original broadcast at the beginning of the millennium, and in the recently added Brave Timewhich was starred by Diego Peretti and Luis Luque under the direction of the aforementioned Szifron.

Of course, although more unknown titles can be found on these platforms, they mainly deal with more mainstream Argentine productions. Therefore, those who want to see this cinema should migrate to other sites. Of course, this has its positive side: there are platforms that work very well and that allow you to discover Argentine films without the need to pay a fee to do so. Although you find some titles in Youtubewe tell you about two platforms where you can browse to search for Argentine tapes without having to pay.

+2 free Argentine cinema platforms


2 – Cinema.Ar

Dependent on National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) which brings together all Argentine productions, the site offers the possibility of seeing a wide variety of national films without the need to pay. All you have to do is create a user to be able to start enjoying classics and modern titles, such as Dream Florianopolisas well as some more cult films from the likes of the paranoids. In addition, it is possible to pay for some premieres a rental of only 90 Argentine pesos.

1 – Argentine Cinema

The second website in question is one where even more mainstream titles have been uploaded. These are projects by 100% independent filmmakers for free. There you can find fiction as well as documentaries and short films, and if you are a filmmaker you can upload your productions simply by contacting those responsible for the site. It is worth noting that it also has the support of the INCAA and was declared of interest by the Senate of the Argentine Nation.

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