"Where is she ?", "what’s gotten into you?" : Antoine de Maximy shocks his fans, this detail in his last publication which surprised everyone

He knows every corner of our planet. Indeed, Antoine de Maximy is one of the greatest explorers of the country and has fascinated viewers for several years thanks to his program I will sleep at your house. A program in which he goes to the other side of the world to discover a new country, and a new culture, and in which he sleeps with the locals. It is still necessary that the latter do not accept it at home.

A show that he still enjoys making. However, a few years ago, the famous globetrotter could have stopped everything as he confided in Jordan de Luxe a few weeks ago. “I didn’t specifically tell it”he told the journalist before continuing: “It’s an accumulation of stuff, but triggered by a girl like always. But yeah, I had a moment… I wasn’t doing anything anymore, I didn’t feel like it anymore”.

Antoine de Maximy without his favorite object

However, Antoine de Maximy did not give up and as often, it is thanks to the work that he found a taste for life. “I took care of myself through work, I made a few documentaries for France O and above all I continued with “I will go to sleep at your place” (broadcast for the first time in 2005, editor’s note). I invested myself fully. I worked all the time I slept”he recalls.

A proof that I will sleep at your house is good for viewers, but also for its host. Moreover, he announced great news in his last publication published on Instagram. Indeed, Antoine de Maximy leaves “on the roads” as he announced to his community when he posed with a certain Pope San, a “other traveler” as he called it. However, Internet users noticed a major detail that did not fail to shock them. The globetrotter was not wearing his famous red shirt. It was enough to arouse reactions and astonishment among his fans. “And the red shirt Antoine?”, “Well? Where is the red shirt?”, “what are you doing not putting it on”, reacted some. It remains to be seen whether the host made a change of style or whether it was pure coincidence.

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