"When you’re neighbor with Kendji…" : Soprano balances on Kendji Girac and these "noises" that he hears in his room

But what is he doing in his room? According to Soprano’s revelations to NRJ Belgium, it would be nice to have Kendji Girac as a roommate. It remains to be seen whether the interpreter ofAndalusian dancing in heels around the room. Since this one does not seem against the idea as he let it be understood when he came to the star Academy a few days ago. Indeed, the winner of the third season of The Voice had come to give some advice to the candidates.

The opportunity for him to challenge Julien and discuss his refusal to dance in heels which had sparked controversy. “If you say no for the heel class, it’s going to be complicated…”, launched Kendji Girac to the one who was eliminated a few days later. He then tried to defend himself as best he could: “No, but I can’t in front of the cameras, I don’t like this universe, but I respect those who do”. A defense that once again made the fans come out of their hinges. The latter once again attacked the young artist and deplored the fact that he did not accept to put himself in danger.

Kendji, very noisy in the room

This does not really indicate whether Kendji Girac would have agreed to wear this type of shoe for a choreography. Maybe we can find out this Friday, November 18 on the occasion of the NRJ Music Awards. Indeed, the interpreter ofAndalusian could go a head. Soprano, he should answer present. He also gave an interview to NRJ Belgium and took the opportunity to make some revelations about his friend.

“Who would you like to have as a neighbor in your room?”asked our colleagues before Sopra answered without hesitation: “Ah, Kendji!”. Enough to raise a few questions from the journalist who wanted to know more. “Because in general when you are neighbors with Kendji…”, “you don’t sleep”, then cuts his interlocutor. This one having almost hit the nail on the head since the Marseille artist was swinging: “And there’s always… you hear music, someone playing guitar, in a good mood and everything so it’s always good”. Enough to make us understand that the nights are short when you sleep with the winner of the third season of The Voice beside yourself.

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