When the US Army Discovers It’s Using Russian Software

The company Pushwoosh, well known to developers, allows to add user tracking functions on mobile applications. However, despite her name and American addresses, she is actually Russian and collects data on billions of devices.

A large number ofappsapps mobiles would contain Russian code, according to Reuters. The case involves a company called Pushwoosh, which offers code to developers that tracks user activity. The company, registered in the United States with an American address, is actually Russian.

Its headquarters are in the city of Novosibirsk, where the firm is registered as a software publisher with 40 employees. The code is present in applications from major organizations present on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Centers for the control and the preventionprevention diseases (CDCCDC), in the US, just removed it from seven of their apps after being warned by Reuters. The US Army had already removed an application containing Pushwoosh’s code in March.

2.3 billion devices would be affected

Pushwoosh claims that the collected data is stored on servers located in the United States and Germany, but that would not be enough to keep it safe if the Russian government asks for it. The code provided by the company is used by many groups, such as Unilever, UEFA, the NRA and the British Labor Party.

Nearly 8,000 applications contain Pushwoosh code, and the company indicates on its site that it holds data on 2.3 billion devices. She posts an address in Washington on Twitter, and another in Maryland on official documents and on Twitter and LinkedIn. The latter would be the house of a friend of the founder Max Konev who would have simply accepted to receive the mail. ” I am proud to be Russian and I will never hide it “says Max Konev. Pushwood was also using two American executive accounts on LinkedIn to promote sales, owned by two people who don’t exist. The site has since deleted the accounts.

Both Apple and Google declined to comment on this.

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