When the Santa Fe Klan lived in his car after his house caught fire

Santa Fe Klan he’s a rapper singer and Mexican composer whose fame has grown meteorically thanks to his songs, the way he interprets them and above all because of his charisma, making him the favorite of the public.

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Besides having recorded his single “Grandes leagues” with Snoop Dogg and Lupillo Rivera, he has collaborated with Caliber 50, Steve Aoki, Alemán, Nanpa Básico and Run the Jewels. Certainly a boy who has made a name for itself in the industry thanks to its talent and effort.

But to achieve success, the artist, who has also incorporated genres such as cumbia and regional Mexican into his musical production, had to go through very difficult moments that even led him to live for several months in a car. Next, the reason that he did not have a home.

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In addition to his charisma, his followers appreciate his humility, as highlighted in the comments of the photos he uploads on his social networks (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)


Ángel Quezada, the real name of Santa Fe Klan, He said that the obstacles he faced in the music industry did not stop him; rather, they led him to dream big. Proof of this was when had to live in a car for several months. The reason? They had burned down his home in Guadalajara. He lost everything.

“About three or four years ago they burned my house and he was a bastard. I had to follow him. I was in Manzanillo, I don’t know where, on a beach, at a concert. [De pronto] They spoke to us: ‘Not that your house is burning’ and we arrived at the mere show, the firefighters and everything. Imagine, I was sorry, I told them: ‘It’s my house.’ They told me to come in and get what I could and there was nothing left “, he told in an interview for the YouTube channel “Casa Comedy TV”.

When he was on the street, with absolutely nothing, he chose to rent a place to stay, but the owners, seeing him very young, decided to close their doors., because they thought that he had no money to pay. After insisting several times, he had no choice but to buy a vehicle, which he used to live. Sometimes he even stayed in a studio.

“I bought a car at that time and sometimes it stayed there. I was trying to get someone to rent me out, but as they saw me morrillo – and that I already made money with my music for something I was already in Guadalajara – they did not believe that I did have money. I would say: ‘Throw me,’ and they would tell me: ‘How do you check me?’ I couldn’t and sometimes I stayed in the studio with Alzada’s guys. They had a study, but they didn’t have a shower bathroom. To bathe I went to hotels, with friends, friends who gave me a chance; And so I know a shitty race that made me unemployed for like six months “, he narrated.

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In this image that the rapper shared, he put as a description: "This is how I am and I will not change" (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)
In this image that the rapper shared, he put as a description: “This is how I am and I will not change” (Photo: Santa Fe Klan / Instagram)


In the interview, the artist born on November 29, 1999 in Guanajuato He stated that it was not an inconvenience for him to stay in his car or bathe in hotels, as he was used to living without luxury, something that motivated him to show his talent not only in his native country but to the world.

“I wanted him, my boss told me to come back and I said: ‘No, everything is fine.’ And from there I became more motivated. I didn’t have clothes, I didn’t have pants, I didn’t have, but I bought a car. The good thing that was left there “, he indicated.

In another time, Santa Fe Klan revealed that in his car, which served as his home for several months, he was inspired to compose some songs. His goal: to let everyone know about his talent.

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