When the record heat ends. Peaks over 40 °, the weather forecast

Rome, 20 July 2022 – Despite the heat that has been gripping Italy for weeks, the most critical phase of this fourth heat wave has just begun. Continues are expected peaks of over 40 degrees in the next few days, not to say months. The Ministry of Health has launched maximum alarm With the’African anticyclone Apocalypse4800, hot alert, and the 9 cities red dot. In fact, the consolidation of thehigh pressure North African between the central Mediterranean and Eastern Europe which will favor the ascent of the hottest core of the Saharan air mass towards Italy.

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A new general is thus expected soaring temperatures and peaks over 40 degrees will initially affect mainly the Center-North, then by the weekend also in the South. In particular, numerous heat records could be beaten in the northern regions for the month of July and in some cases even absolute records could be established.

All this, of course, in a context of sunny weather, with only the possibility of short and isolated thunderstorms of heat in the Alps. The current model projections do not allow us to understand when exactly this long wave of intense heat will end: the probability that it will persist. until at least the middle of next week it is very high, but it seems that there is a real possibility that it will go to the end of the month with temporary less extreme phases, especially in the North.

Extreme heat in Italy, how long will it last (3bmeteo)
Extreme heat in Italy, how long will it last (3bmeteo)

Hot, how long will it last

The meteorologist Constant De Simone(former general of the Air Force and member of the executive council of the World Meteorological Organization), broadens his gaze until August: “The forecasts of the national center confirm stable weather with high temperatures until the end of July. August will start with milder temperatures and some storms in the Alpine north, “he said.

Meteorologists from 3b Weatherinstead, they argue: “From the latest updates, the heat seems to be able to remain the protagonist too throughout the third decade of July, with temperatures well above average from North to South. However, the passage of the tail of an Atlantic perturbation between 27 and 28 July which could partially involve the northern regions and partly also the central ones, cannot be excluded, especially the Adriatic side, with the return of some storms, even intense ones, and a partial drop in temperatures. But even in the long term, the modeling projections continue to see conditions of great heat and rainfall below average “.

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The forecasts for the next few days

Thursday 21st July

iLMeteo.it communicates the weather forecast for Italy for the next few days. To the north good weather with clear skies or with more clouds on the hills. Maximum temperatures up to 37-38 ° C in Lombardy and Emilia. Southern winds. To the center the African anticyclone Apocalypse4800 it will guarantee a sunny day with clear or partly cloudy skies. Intense heat at 38 ° C. In the south, the African heat also reaches our regions. Thursday with prevailing conditions of good weather, clear skies over all regions.

Friday 22nd July

To the north super hot day with the anticyclone Apocalisse4800. Scattered clouds in Liguria and on the Alpine borders, maximum temperatures up to 39 ° C. To the center A day that will pass with good weather and clear skies everywhere. Maximum temperatures up to 37-38 degrees in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. To the south good weather with clear skies or at least cloudy skies. Maximum temperatures up to 36 degrees in Campania and Puglia, more in Sicily.

Saturday 23 July

To the north very hot day. Clouds scattered over the Alpine borders and in Liguria, sun elsewhere. Maximum temperatures up to 39 ° C in the plains. To the center the anticyclone Apocalisse4800 overheats the regions with maximum temperatures up to 37 degrees in Rome, 36 in Florence. Sunny weather. To the south day with ample sunshine in all regions. Temperatures are expected to rise with maximum peaks of 38-39 ° C in Puglia.

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