When the end of "Maradona: Blessed Dream" on Amazon Prime Video

There is only one week left for Maradona: Blessed Dream come to an end. And is that the next November 26, the last episode of the series will arrive at Amazon Prime Video. A date that will not be like any other since the launch will take place just after the first anniversary of the death of Diego Armando Maradona. In this sense, the strip inspired by his glory days will only rekindle the excitement.

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Everything revolves around the Argentine soccer legend, who dressed for a few years the number 10 shirt. Blessed Dream he even pays tribute to him, alluding to that particular number. In this way, the tenth episode will be the last of the mega production of BFT Media and fans are already beginning to speculate what will happen next and what the big closing will be like by the prestigious cast.

The thing is Nazareno Casero, Juan Palomino and Nicolás Goldschmidt are in charge of narrating the story of Diego Maradona in three timelines that place him in his beginnings in Villa Fiorito, his successful career as an athlete in Barcelona and Naples and idol of the national team, and his stage in the 2000s where his addiction brought him to the brink of death. All of them have managed to tell a compelling story accompanied by Julieta Cardinali, Laura Esquivel, Mercedes Morán and Peter Lanzani.

The last episode issued, which had its premiere today on Amazon Prime Video, was responsible for resuming the abstinence that Diego Maradona lived during his hospitalization in Punta del Este, Uruguay. In fact, they exposed – with fictional overtones – the world star who tried to get cocaine inside the clinic and was discovered by medical personnel. At the same time, they explained the arrival of the national team to Mexico for the 1986 World Cup.

Those events will be taken up in the next and last chapter where the Argentine team will function as the protagonist. It is that in this series, football fans not only meet the one who knew how to be one of the greatest exponents of sport in the country, but also figures such as Bilardo (Marcelo Mazzarello), Menotti (Darío Grandinetti), Pasarella (Nicolás Furtado) and Ruggeri (Mariano Torre).

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