When People questioned over Pankaj Tripathi nephew Inter caste marriage, The actor took such step – Write on the card that there is an inter caste marriage

Pankaj Tripathi has clearly written on the nephew’s wedding card that this marriage is intercaste, to break the perception about inter-caste marriage among the people.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi is known for his films as well as his settled personality. He has also spoken openly about his personal life on many occasions. The actor married a girl of his choice and when it came to his nephew’s love marriage, he openly supported her.

The marriage was inter-caste which was questioned by some. Pankaj Tripathi has clearly written on the marriage card that this marriage is intercaste to break the perception about inter-caste marriage among the people.

This was mentioned by Pankaj Tripathi in an interview given to Atika Farooqui. He had told, ‘I did love marriage.. discarded the orthodox things there that we should not do this, we will do love marriage. My nephew just got married, I was at the forefront for his support.’

Pankaj Tripathi further said, ‘He did an inter-caste love marriage. We said – write on the card that this is an inter caste marriage. People came, some people were pressing their ears, what is this? We said, what is… marriage is… eat, drink, enjoy.’

Pankaj Tripathi’s love story is also very interesting. He fell in love with Mridula after hearing about it from a mason. He told the story of his first meeting like this in an interview, ‘My sister had a tilak. I was sitting on the tilak and the marriage was taking place in the same house where Mridula used to live. Pandit ji was reciting the mantra and I was looking here and there that she was not visible. Suddenly it seemed that the crowd is over, I am sitting alone with the coconut and she came walking alone in the empty courtyard and went away filling the kulache.

He told that the next day he had a little talk with Mridula and after about 12 years both of them got married. Mridula’s mother was against marriage as she felt that Pankaj Tripathi does not do any job. His daughter will not be able to survive with plays. But Pankaj Tripathi convinced everyone for the marriage and in the year 2004 he got married to Mridula.

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