When Luis Miguel met Ramón Valdés, actor from El Chavo del 8

If there is something that characterizes the singer Luis Miguel, known as the “Sol de México” and Ramón Valdés, who played Don Ramón, in the series “El Chavo del 8″ Is that both are considered icons in the artistic world of Mexico. The first of them is a renowned singer, while the second -when he was still alive- demonstrated his great talent for acting.

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But not only that, well, Ramon Valdes He was a recognized figure of the golden age of Mexican cinema; However, for more than one generation, he will always be the actor behind Don Ramón, one of the most representative characters in the series created by Roberto Gómez BolañosEl Chavo del 8″.

In this humorous show, Mr Ramon He was popular for being a neighbor who at all times refused to pay the rent to Señor Barriga, a character played by the actor Edgar Vivar who was the owner of the neighborhood.

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The actor Ramón Valdés in one of the scenes of “El chavo del 8” (Photo: Televisa)

In the case of Luis MiguelHe is one of the singers with a long career in music and whose fame he was able to achieve from a very young age through effort. His whole life can be seen in the series “Luis Miguel, the series “, which is transmitted by the platform of Netflix.

But there was an occasion when both the actor and the singer could meet and were on the same stage. Here we tell you.


Although it is true that collaborations have become a method that over time has managed to give good results, the same happened with Luis Miguel when he could meet Ramon Valdes and they put on a great show. This was very well received by the public.

This happened during the 80s when the “Sol de México” was just beginning his musical career and was still a teenager. For his part, the remembered “Monchito” or “Roro” was already one of the favorite and most outstanding characters in “El Chavo del 8″.

At that time, Luis Miguel He received the invitation from the Televisa channel so that he can present some of his songs that were already liked by his fans.

But everyone will wonder, what does that have to do with Don Ramón? Ramon Valdes.


Thanks to the internet, a video dating from the 80s was revealed where, at that time, the “Sun of Mexico” with only 14 years old participated in the sketch with Valdés and where they appear to be two pirates. At that moment the remembered Don Ramón, being the most experienced, acts teaching the adolescent some “pirate” techniques.

As part of that sketch reference is made to the song of Luis Miguel entitled “La Chica del Bikini Azul”, which at that time was considered one of the most emblematic songs of the “Sol de México”.

Luis Miguel and Ramón Valdés played two pirates in the Televisa program (Photo: screenshot / Youtube)
Luis Miguel and Ramón Valdés played two pirates in the Televisa program (Photo: screenshot / Youtube)

What the public could observe is that Ramon Valdes He never lost his mischief and style that characterized him and he scolded Luis Miguel, as part of the performance. “SIf you’re not on track, Luis Miguel … I’ll throw you overboard, I said“, said.

Subsequently, both Ramon Valdes and Luis Miguel they perform comic actions that refer to the Roberto Gómez Bolaños series but without leaving aside several phrases from the artists’ songs.


The remembered actor had one of his first appearances with his brother German Valdes, also known as “Tin Tan”, in the soap opera “Calabacitas tender” (1949). Ramon Valdes He had a small participation but still managed to impact the public who saw him with a good future in acting.

It was so in 1968 when he was able to meet Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”, With whom he shared several years of his life with the cast, they were part of the humorous program.

It is there that Ramon ValdesHe started working at Televisa because he was already part of programs like “Chespirit” and “El Chapulín Colorado”. But it wasn’t until he participated in El Chavo del 8, when he rose to international fame.

Ramon Valdes he also had a good sense of humor and didn’t hesitate to make jokes with whoever he came across, but Emilio “The Tiger” Azcárraga, who due to the death of his father assumed ownership and management of the company and at the same time managed the merger of Independent Television Mexico and its concessioned network XEQ Canal 8, wanted to get to know the actor who was winning the hearts of the public up close.

In this way the rapprochement between the owner of Televisa and the popular “Mr Ramon”, and that over the years both would have a strong friendship.

My grandfather was an extremely humble person, that is, he did not seek fame, he did not seek prestige, he did things because he liked it. My grandfather was a person who never looked for prominence or a lot of wool”, Indicated his grandson Miguel Valdés in an interview.


Despite Ramon Valdes He always showed an attitude of humility, some of his classmates began to wonder why he did not have to change his clothes or put on makeup when playing his character for the recordings ofEl Chavo del 8. This happened because the actor was already wearing his typical clothes, jeans, a shirt and his characteristic blue cap.

But what raised more questions was why Ramon Valdes I could smoke in the canal.

The answer was because Emilio Azcarraga He decided to exempt Valdés from some of the rules that were imposed on the television station’s facilities. He did it in order to make him feel comfortable to show him his appreciation for him.


Ramón Valdés’ favorite brother was Manuel, ‘El loco Valdés’. They were always very close and rarely had discussions that will lead them to separate because they saw the family as a pillar in their lives, according to what the daughter Carmen Valdés told an Argentine media. This meant that the children of the actors also had a very good relationship.

Both brothers, Ramón and Manuel, were the ones who dedicated the most time to Mexican television programs and until the end of their days they stayed between recording sets, mainly from Televisa.

Ramón and Manuel came to work for the same television station and were in the corridors of the company. ‘El Loco’ did not hesitate, on some occasions, to invite his brother to his program El show del Loco Valdés and they have even sung together.

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