When information on jobs goes to young people via the roads of Occitanie

Since the start of the school year, the Occitanie Region has started an innovative project: the Orientation Mobile Homes. This itinerant information point must crisscross the territory to meet young people, especially in isolated areas.

To simplify, it’s a big bus. In detail, the vehicle carries tools and personnel, and has only one destination: to ensure that orientation is not a one-way street. Allow information to travel closer to young people. Help pave the way for the future. Since the start of the school year, the Maison Mobilité de l’Orientation concept – MOM, that’s its name – has been charting an innovative course, under the impetus of the Occitanie Region.

“Tailor-made” and “go to”

The MOM move as close as possible. Direct boarding for young people, destination to discover trades.
DR Sofiane Bensizerara/Occitanie Region

Since 2018, the community has been responsible for a new skill: information on professions (guidance remaining the preferred field of National Education). From the outset, she gave herself a roadmap: “We wanted to be tailor-made to respond to the issue of the integration of young people into employment, but also to the question of information on jobs, which does not reach them”, poses Kamel Chibli, vice-president of the regional council, delegate for education, youth, sports but also orientation. The chosen one is known for having made a major tour of Occitan youth seven years ago. “Move towards”such was already the key word. “Everywhere, I could see that the first concern of young people is orientation. It’s the future ! It is the main concern of young people and, therefore, that of parents too”.

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The sign, no doubt, of failures in the current system. But Kamel Chibli is not the type to charge the national comrade. It would be a waste of time, when it comes to pressing the accelerator: “No need to make big sentences about it. Today, we have to be given free rein to do this work with young people. We are in contact with the territories, we have to let ourselves be”. The Region therefore wants to chart its course with, “first stage of the rocket”this big bus that started at the start of the school year.

Virtual reality and real advisors

Virtual reality headsets, good for projecting yourself into the trades.

Virtual reality headsets, good for projecting yourself into the trades.
DR Sofiane Bensizerara/Occitanie Region

The idea is not new: it is already tested, for example, within the counterpart of Auvergne-Rhône Alpes. On board the traveling vehicle, there are of course flesh and blood advisers, but also computer tools of the future, well seen by young geeks, such as virtual reality headsets: the job, as if we were there… Both fun and educational.

The plus, offered by the Occitan MOM in the name of this inclusive discovery of professions: around fifty videos are available, “made by young people for young people”and so “simple and very easy to understand”. “It’s a way of making the reality of the professions understood, in the space of 30 seconds to two minutes”. Incidentally, the Region wanted “adapt according to the territories”by zooming in on the trades in tension in the sector served. “The idea is to discover the trades that exist, but also that are integrating into the territory”, insists Kamel Chibli. Sometimes professionals are taken on board to testify.

The MOM is intended to criss-cross the region, in all the departments, “two to three times a year”. It can be found in markets or in front of schools, passing by “events”, with particular attention paid to “isolated rural areas and priority neighborhoods”. It travels on demand (associations, municipalities, high schools, colleges, etc.), and success is certain, according to the vice-president: “The impact is very positive, we are in great demand”. In short, it rolls…

Back to college, a first

Embarked on board, very real advisers.

Embarked on board, very real advisers.
DR Sofiane Bensizerara/Occitanie Region

stay the “second stage of the rocket”. To rake even wider and closer, the Region will ensure that trades knock on the door of colleges and high schools, and can enter them. “We have planned to go and present professions in the establishments, in connection with the professional branches and the consular chambers, but also the teachers. It never existed. School-business weeks are certainly organized, but this is the first time that young people will be able to discover the trades without having to travel”enthuses Kamel Chibli.

Again, the focus will be on the “sectors in tension”with a desire to twist the necks of ill-gotten a prioris. “In the region, this does not only concern so-called manual trades. It is also difficult to recruit engineers, baccalaureate plus five. It is also a question of promoting the sectors, so that our young people reclaim certain trades on which they have a fixed image. The construction industry, for example, is not just about laying bricks. There are different trades”.

The community, in charge of high schools, is pleased to now be able to “going back to college”. “It’s primordial !exclaims Kamel Chibli. The State is in the process of experimenting (orientation) on the fifth (via the Parcours d’avenir device, editor’s note). We will test the 5th, 4th, 3rd, and we will see which is the most attached public. Knowing that the idea is not to guide them by force, but to give them good information about the trades”. A good piece of luggage to start the journey.

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