Wheelchair user from Karlovy Vary: He is a world champion in bodybuilding!

Petr Lindák has been confined to a wheelchair since 1999. At that time, he jumped headlong into the water and became paralyzed. He did not betray his fate. He lives. He does sports. He first played sledge hockey. It was not until 2013 that he took part in the first bodybuilding competitions.

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Great hard work

“There are not many wheelchair bodybuilders in the world. It is a lot of hard work, and in addition, a strict diet must be followed before the races, which often affects our health. In addition to the disability, wheelchair users also have other health problems, so preparing for races is all the more difficult for us, ”explains Petr. It works for hours in the gym, before the races it’s five days a week. And the results are known.

Thanks family

He won the last World Cup in Romania. “I am already a European champion. Racing is a great motivation for me. I want to show that we can do such sports in a wheelchair. Of course, many thanks also go to my sponsors, friends and family, without whom I would never have managed, ”he adds.

Peter’s achievements

2021 – World Cup Romania – 1st place
2020 – European Championship Italy – 1st place
2019 – World Cup Greece – 3rd place
2019 – Czech Championship – 1st place

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