Whatsapp Tips And Tricks Even After 1 Day You Can Delete Accidentally Sent Message Learn How

Whatsapp Tips And Tricks: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in India. There are crores of users of this app in India. This is the reason that the parent company of this app, Facebook, constantly keeps giving new updates in it, so that users can easily keep using this app. There are many people in India who have trouble in operating the phone and many times they message someone by mistake or small children take their phone and message it in the wrong group. After seeing this message, these people are not even able to delete the message, because it takes more than 1 hour to send the message, but by adopting a trick, you can also delete the old message.

WhatsApp gives the option of delete for all to delete messages sent by mistake, but this option is available only after 1 hour of sending the message. In such a situation, many times you see the wrong message after many hours and you realize your mistake. In such a situation, you are not able to do anything except repent, but by adopting a trick, you can also delete the old WhatsApp message and there will be no notification to the front that you have deleted that message. Also, that message will be deleted from everyone’s phone.

how to delete old message

To delete old messages, first put your phone on flight mode. Now long press on the WhatsApp icon. Here you will see many options. From these, select the App Info option and click on Force Stop or Force Close. Now change the time and date of your phone. When changing the time and date, make sure to keep the new time and date according to the message you want to delete. Enter 15 or 20 minutes after you sent that message.

Delete message after changing time

As soon as you enter the time within one hour of the message in your phone, the option of delete for all will start coming in your phone for that message. Now delete this message immediately. After this, fix the time of your phone again and remove it from flight mode and turn on the data of the phone as well. Now you will see that the message has been deleted and the person in front of you as well as in the group or personal chat will not see that message.

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