WhatsApp New Features Voice transcription feature will be available on WhatsApp users will get this benefit

New Delhi WhatsApp New Features. Instant messaging service WhatsApp keeps on launching new features from time to time for its users. Now it has been learned that WhatsApp is soon going to provide voice transcription feature for users and was considering adding a third-party app to handle it, but recently it has come to light that now WhatsApp itself is on this feature. doing work.

Know what is Voice Transcription Service

The voice transcription feature that WhatsApp is now preparing to bring will be completely optional for users. Voice Transcription is currently being prepared. WhatsApp recently added a new security layer to its messaging by offering end-to-end encryption for chat backup. Wabetainfo’s report states that WhatsApp will start transcribing voice messages after the introduction of the Voice Transcription feature.

Voice Transcription feature will work like this

According to Wabetainfo, user messages will not be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook servers to obtain transcription, but Apple explicitly provides voice transcription feature, your voice message will help Apple improve its speech recognition technology, it will be in your name. will not be connected.

Wabetainfo has said in its report that when a message is transcribed for the first time, its transcription is saved in the local WhatsApp database, so you will not have to transcribe voice messages again and again.

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