WhatsApp: 5 reasons why the app will close your group

Yes OK WhatsApp It is one of the most used apps in the world, above Telegram, it presents certain errors. Despite the fact that a few weeks ago it had problems with its connection system, the app is still standing with the aim that you can chat with anyone just by having their cell phone number, in addition to sending photos, videos, GIFs, animated stickers , etc.

However, and perhaps you did not know, WhatsApp You can close your group for various reasons, among the main ones are not complying with the requirements or violating the conditions of use of the application.

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But there are many more faults for which WhatsApp it can end your groups. The website specialized in showing what the app will soon add, WABeta Info, mention a number of details about closing your chats. So watch out for the following.


If you think you are being exposed in a group of WhatsApp, then you must know the real reasons why the app can close everything at once:

  • WhatsApp can terminate groups automatically when they are reported multiple times by different users.
  • You can also close your group if it has suspicious information, such as names and descriptions of illegal groups: in this case, the group can be terminated automatically or manually.
Here we will tell you what things you should never do in a WhatsApp group or you will be penalized. (Photo: MAG)
  • It can also sanction you in case illegal sales are made in the app.
  • Similarly, if you add a group of people who do not know why they were added to the conversation without their authorization.
  • When all this happens, participants will no longer be able to send messages or read chat history. Also, they cannot open the group information and read the list of other participants.

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