What’s going on?: Jungle camper gets crying cramps

What’s going on there?
Jungle camper gets howling cramps

In the jungle camp, some participants have already lost their laughter. But before? Influencer Jolina Mennen is actually so upset a week before the show starts that she has to cry. The reason is an “irrational phobia”.

It’s still a long time before the 16th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” around a week. Until the first disgust test of the show, which can be seen on RTL from January 13th and will be available on RTL+, it’s even a little longer away. Nevertheless, the mental cinema about the challenges in the camp is already causing the first tears in one of the participants.

Mennen cried down under.

(Photo: Instagram / jolinamen)

Influencer Jolina Mennen posted a video on her Instagram page that shows her horrified on the floor of her hotel room. But what caused the panic moment and the teary eyes? Apparently, the 30-year-old worries she might face her biggest fear in the jungle. “I have a completely irrational phobia and some prankster told the production about it. I was just asked about it, even though I wanted to keep it a secret,” she explains.

Although the cat has apparently long been out of the bag in terms of production, Mennen does not reveal in her clip which phobia it is. There is traditionally a lot to choose from in the jungle camp: snakes, spiders, worms, height, darkness – or maybe even the tried and tested kangaroo testicle?

Before she left for Australia, the 30-year-old had sounded very different. “I have nothing to hide,” she said confidently during an RTL shoot. And she also sent a “clarification” afterwards on Instagram. She was just very emotional because the situation was completely new to her. “I’ve never participated in a format like this and I still have a lot to learn,” said Mennen. In any case, she did not want to accuse any employee of the show of wanting “something bad” for her.

Well, then it can also start for you next week in the camp. It is said that she did not consider withdrawing anyway. And who knows? She may even be able to overcome her phobia if she is actually confronted with her on the show. You wouldn’t be the first…

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