what"PH We can talk" Is it coming to an end?: the details

It is clear that “PH We can talk” is very successful in each of its broadcasts. During the second season, new personalities appeared that he interviewed Andy Kusnetzoff and new intimate stories were revealed. Nevertheless, The driver’s wishes could decide at the end of the Telefe Saturday cycle who usually achieves victory in audience against his rival, “The Night of Mirtha Legrand”.

According to what he reported the pavada of Daily Chronicle, Andy Kusnetzoff is recording the episodes in advance “PH We Can Talk” to be able to travel next week to the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Like many celebrities, like Marcelo Tinelli Y Marleywill take advantage of the popular event to encourage the Argentine National Team, so their work plans change.

The guests of the broadcast on Saturday, November 19 are Juan Reverdito of “Big Brother 2022”, vine flower, YSY A, Sandra Mihanovich Y Mercedes Nini. As happened since the start of the Telefe reality show, each eliminated goes through the study commanded by the former “CQC” to tell questions about his life and his time in the most famous house in the country.

In addition, in order to leave programs ready for the coming weeks, next Tuesday he will record two programs together on the same day, something unusual. It is already at the end of the Telefé cycle, and wanting to stop for a while. It will be necessary to see if in 2023 it maintains the same format or Andy Kusnetzoff look for new challenges on the small screen.

Juan Revedito from “Big Brother” will go through “PH Podemos Hablar”.

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