"What ? You have a problem ?", Nagui gets angry with a candidate in ‘Don’t forget the lyrics’ and creates unease on the set

If you go looking for trouble you’ll find it. Still at the head of Don’t forget the lyrics, Nagui has lost none of his outspokenness and his sarcastic humor. This is also why he likes to animate. All the more so when a candidate plays the game with him!

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With Toni, the Maestro of the show, Nagui has found an excellent partner. This Tuesday, November 16, while playing “Your parents” by Vincent Delerm, the latter launches a risky subject, “I don’t know where I am in this learning song “, before bidding by addressing the host, “If so, your parents are a little boring”. Astonished, Mélanie Page’s husband enters the game “Are you saying that for me?”.

Confident in himself, the candidate supports his arguments, “They would be boring anyway. Télérama, France Inter… “. Unfortunately, Toni cited the radio station Nagui has worked for for a long time. The obvious thing not to do, “What ? ! Do you have a problem with the first radio station in France? “ he balances. Embarrassed, the candidate then prefers to apologize, “No, I’m kidding Nagui, not at all”. Phew!

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